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Focus Objects
by Zeus

Usually found as natural crystals focus objects mainly strengthen and help clarify a magickian’s intent. Like amplifiers they allow a magickian to affect a much wider area with a single casting. The main problem with focus objects is that they harbour no energy and so can’t balance the casting. When using focus objects the magickian is responsible for balancing not only the original cast, but also the amplifies cast. Usually it is important to have a source of energy other than reserves from the magickian to balance the casting. Casting, using a focus object, without setting up a suitable alternate balancing source can be fatal to the magickian, so be safe and always have a proper balance source.
A focus object is usually chosen to a magickian’s taste, or energy, but this is not always the case since some crystals are better amplifiers than others. As an example amber is a poor focus objects since it tends to capture, or slow energy that moves through it, whereas flawless diamond, or clear quartz are relatively good. The object should also be chosen depending on the outcome of the cast being done.