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Staff Magick Introduction
by Zeus

So named for its use of focus, and power objects staff magick also includes the category of sympathetic magick. Most often magickians of old are illustrated as always having a staff with them, not only to aid in walking long distances, but almost all were power, or focus objects for magick. This is the historical reasoning behind the naming of the category. The magickian does not need magickal focus to allow power objects to achieve a goal, but they do need focus if the object is a focus only object.
Power objects can be almost any form that is able to be embedded with magick from an external source, or that is naturally magickal, and that is able to achieve a casting with very little input from external sources (ie. a magickian). It is most common to have power objects that are embedded with magick from an external source, and as with any power object the object has a finite number of castings that it is able to do before running out of energy. The object, if capable, can be recharged so that it is available to cast again and again. Specifics of recharging depend solely on what type of object is being used. Externally embedded objects are often covered with textual magick symbols to help ensure the object holds onto the magick energy and to help it respond to the engagement commands. Staves normally respond to intent. Staves, wands, swords, crystals etc can have energy embedded into them to help with tedious magickal tasks, for defence, or offence, and to perform magick casting that would take more energy to balance than a magickian has. The power object will balance its own casting which leaves the magickian free from backlash.
Focus objects can be of the same sorts as power objects and may be either artificially, or naturally created. Most often crystals are used for focus objects. The type of crystal used depends on the personality of the magickian. A magician will use focus objects to help them create a clear intent and goal which allows the casting to be over a farther distance, and more powerful. Think of a focus object as an amplifier for magick. The better the focus object (amplifier) the louder, clearer, and more powerful the magick.
The use of staff magick, because it can be achieved by those that are not actually trained in magick, does not make a person a magickian. Staff magick should really only be used by learned magickians to augment other castings and techniques.