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by Zeus

Known by several other names as well transcending gives a magickian the ability to match their energy with that of another plane. It is generally agreed that spirits and other energy concentrations exist on a plane, or have energy that is higher than the normal mortal human energy. Transcending spells work to heighten a magickian’s energies to a point that they exist in the normal plane, but are also able to move within and communicate with a spiritual (heightened energy) plane. In this manner a magickian is able to communicate with energy concentrations for the sake of talking, information gathering, or for other help.
If a person’s guides are energy concentrations than a good transcending spell will help to learn from them by making communication with them much easier.
Most transcending spells are in the form of ritualistic verbal magick, but there are also some available as single symbol textual magick and regular cast verbal magick.

A Ritualistic Verbal Magick Spell Example
(Remember the importance of emphasis and intonation)

On nights of darkness with moon so bright,
Fill me with the purest light,
Lift my spirits let them free,
Allow me now to spiritually be.

(As the spell suggests this casting only works on nights with a full moon)