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by Zeus

Channeling is a type of spiritual magick where the magickian allows another entity to take over most functions of their body for a short period of time. The only differences between channeling and possession are that channeling is short term and permission is granted to the entity.
Care should always be taken when allowing an energy concentration to enter the body because if the spirit’s intentions change it could become a possession, or something may happen in the real world that needs immediate action the entity is unable to take. Some precautions to take are to shield your central (soul) energy to prevent it from being tainted and to have a simple intent-based exorcism casting, that can be done should the need arise.
Channeling, though it uses mostly universal energy is also internal energy based and so is really a Hybrid Psi technique, but is generally lumped into either being psychic, or magick (it is placed here since it involves an outside energy source).
To channel the magickian must be centred and calm. Once this is achieved and there is a sure way to balance the backlash energy a clear intent of who the magickian wishes to channel can be formed. Now a casting of the spell to bring the wanted energy concentration to the magickian can be made. Usually at this point the magickian is able to feel the energies or see the spirit and can judge if they cast the spell correctly to this point (it is now clear why being able to see energy is almost crucial to spiritual magick). If the correct entity is in waiting then permission can be given to allow it to enter the magickians’ body after they shield their central energy. The entity at this point will take over the body, say it piece, and withdraw.
Channeling is not considered the same thing as communicating with spirits although the spirit is in communication. Spirit communication refers to just talking with an entity where channeling allows the energy concentration actually into the body.