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Elemental Colour Meanings
by Zeus

Red - Lust, Energy, Vitality, Strength, Health (Taurus) TUESDAY
Orange - Creativity, Attraction (Leo)
Yellow - Charm, Confidence (Gemini) SUNDAY
Green - Prosperity, Growth, Healing, Luck (Cancer) FRIDAY
Blue - Protection, Peace, Tranquillity (Pisces, Libra) THURSDAY
Purple - Psychic Ability, Wisdom, Spirituality (Aquarius) WEDNESDAY
Pink - Love, Honour, Friendship
Black - Banishing, Mourning, Loss (Scorpio) SATURDAY
White - Purity, Truth, Protection, Spirituality (Aries) MONDAY
Brown - Earth Awareness (Capricorn)
Gold - God (Virgo)
Silver - Goddess (Sagittarius)

AIR - Yellow, White, Pink, Lavender
FIRE - Red, Orange
WATER - Blue, Turquoise, Indigo, Grey
EARTH - Green, Brown, Black