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Meaning of the Crystals: List
by Zeus

AGATE: Energizes, Strengthens, Enhances Health
ALBITE: Promotes Health (lungs and spleen)
ALEXANDRITE: Promotes Health (nervous system)
AMAZONITE: Improves Thought Process, Enhances Metabolism, Relieves Emotions
AMBER: Dissipates Depression, Lifts the Spirit
AMETHYST: Heightens Psychic Ability, Creates Inner Peace, Helpful in Meditation
APACHE TEAR: Grounding Stone
APATITE: Relieves Hypertension, Enhances Throat Health
AQUAMARINE: Clears the Mind, Purifies, Increases Confidence
AVENTURINE: Promotes Health (head and eyes), Promotes Inner Peace
AZURITE: Helps to calm, aids in truth finding and acceptance

BARITE: Enhances Ability to Communicate
BERYL: Psychic Awareness, Good for Relationships
BLACK ONYX: Repels Negativity
BLACK TOURMALINE: Promotes Protection, Enhances Grounding
BLOODSTONE: Soothes the Mind, Relieves Depression, Promotes Inner Healing
BLUE-LACED AGATE: Feminine Quality Enhancement, Gentleness, Inner Peace
BLUE QUARTZ: Promotes Health (lungs, heart and throat), Enhances Inner Calm
BOTSWANA AGATE: Pleasure Attraction, Mood Lifter
BROWN JASPER: Promotes Neutral Intaking of Energy

CALCITE: Balances, Enhances Meditation
CARNELIAN: Helps Focus, Enhances Decision Making
CELESTITE: Promotes Overall Peace and Calm
CHALCEDONY: Promotes Health (blood system), Enhances Creativity
CHAROITE: Fear Conquering
CHRYSOCOLLA: Feminine Quality Enhancement, Clear Thinking Aid
CHRYSOLITE: Promotes Health (virus defence)
CHRYSOPRASE: Promotes Health (groin and gonads)
CITRINE: Attracts Abundance, Attracts Prosperity
CLEAR QUARTZ: Enhances Inner Awareness, Improves Concentration, Enhances Energy
CORAL: Protection for Sea Travel

DANBURITE: Enhances the Intellect
DIAMOND: Solidifying, Removes Blocks, Promotes Overall Health
DIOPTASE: Promotes Emotional Health

EMERALD: Enhances Psychic Awareness, Improves Future Sight

FLOURITE: Enhances Understanding, Aids in Centring

GARNET: Heightens Sexual Awareness, Enhances Physical Strength, Enhances Wisdom
GOLD: Promotes Healing, Promotes Abundance
GOLD CALCITE: Promotes Mental Health
GREEN CALCITE: Promotes Health (kidneys and spleen), Enhances Mental Awareness
GREEN TOURMALINE: Enhances Healings, Promotes Purification

HEMATITE: Grounding Stone, Protection Stone, Mood Soother
HOWLITE: Promotes Health (blood and endocrine systems) , Enhances Meditation

IRON PYRITE: Promotes Health (intestinal and circulatory systems), Enhances Mental Calm and Focus

JACINTH: Promotes Friendship, Enhances Healing
JADE: Enhances and Promotes Inner Beauty
JET: Promotes Health (head and eyes), Enhances Mental Stability

KUNZITE: Promotes Health (blood), Enhances Mental Calm
KYANITE: Increases Psychic Awareness

LAPIS LAZULI: Promotes Justice, Promotes Honour, Enhances Spirituality
LAZULITE: Promotes Health (liver)
LAZURITE: Enhances Vision
LEOPARD JASPER: Grounding Stone, Expands Thought
LEPIDOLITE: Improves Mental Health
LUVULITE: Improves Mental Health, Promotes Health (upper nervous system)

MAGNETITE: Promotes Health (blood and endocrine system), Enhances Meditation
MALACHITE: Promotes Inspiration, Enhances Spiritual Harmony, Promotes Health (eyes)
MOLDAVITE: Healing Stone, Enhances Connections
MOONSTONE: Enhances Divination, Promotes Dreams, Helps to Balance Emotions
MORGANITE: Promotes Heath (nervous system and throat)
MOSS AGATE: Promotes Acceptance, Enhances Confidence
MOTHER OF PEARL: Attracts Wealth, Enhances Protection


OBSIDIAN: Promotes Protection, Helps to Deal with Hidden Inner Issues
ONYX: Promotes Stabilization, Enhances Comfort, Promotes Faith
OPAL: Enhances Spirituality, Promotes Spiritual Contact
ORANGE CALCITE: Promotes Health (gallbladder), Increases Physical Energy

PEARL: Enhances Intuition, Aids in Divination
PERIDOT: Enhances Compassion, Enhances Simple Pleasures
PETRIFIED WOOD: Promotes Health (hip and back), Enhances Physical Energy
PYRITE: Attracts Wealth, Promotes Easing of Fears


RED JASPER: Dream Memory Aid, Promotes Justice
RHODONITE: Attracts Love, Promotes Healing of Emotions
ROCK CRYSTAL: Promotes Centring
ROSE QUARTZ: Promotes Healing, Enhances Friendships, Promotes and Enhances Love
RUBY: Promotes Deep Love, Promotes Health (head)

SAPPHIRE: Promotes Protection, Enhances Luck, Promotes Peace of Mind
SELENITE: Calms Thoughts, Calms Emotions
SMITHSONITE: Promotes Inner Calm, Relaxes
SMOKEY QUARTZ: Promotes Banishment of Unwanted Elements
SNOW QUARTZ: Improves Immune System, Promotes Inner Contemplation
SNOWFLAKE OBSIDIAN: Promotes Inner Peace, Enhances Perception
SODALITE: Enhances Self-Esteem, Absorbs Negative Energy
SUGILITE: Improves Mental Health, Promotes Health (upper nervous system)

TIGER'S EYE: Promotes Strength, Independence, Aids in Business
TOPAZ: Dispels Fears, Enhances Inner Peace
TURQUOISE: Promotes Physical Protection, Enhances Creativity






ZIRCON: Promotes Health (liver), Enhances Spiritual Awareness
ZOISITE: Promotes Health (sex organs), Enhances Fertility