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Example Pictures: Aquarian Runes
by Fire_Opal

You're ready to resolve what's been holding you back. From resolution will come a new beginning. You're clearing away old beliefs and out grown relationships, paving a way for a new life.

Going Within
Your answers can all be found within you, and your spirit is calling you to go within to receive them. Spend some quiet time alone. Meditate, pray, write in a journal, or go for a walk. Do whatever it takes to calm yourself, so that you may receive guidance from the "still small voice within." Our answers can all be found within you, and your spirit is calling you to go within to receive them. Spend some quiet time alone. Meditate, pray, write in a journal, or go for a walk. Do whatever it takes to calm yourself, so that you may receive guidance from the "still small voice within."

You're flowing with the forces of divine will. You're allowing things to just happen without letting your ego get attached to a particular outcome. You're trusting that whatever is happening is always perfect, remembering that there is a divine plan.

The Shadow
It's time to look at your shadow issues, (i.e., what you have been repressing). Fear, insecurity and pain are all energies that magnetize undesirable situations into your life. Look at your fears and unresolved issues, and look without self judgment. Just feel what you feel, and let the feelings come and go.

Dark Night of the Soul
A difficult passage has arisen forcing you to face your shadow issues (i.e., fears, doubts, insecurities) directly. Remembrance that you are unlimited spirit in a body is most important now. Pick another Rune for guidance on how to move through this situation.

Congratulations for claiming the power you have to create the life of your choosing! This Rune signifies new clarity, illumination, joy and even increased prosperity in your life. This is the reward for following your spirit without hesitation.

The fear that you can't have what you want surfaces, and it is time to look at this fear. Issues have arisen which are showing you what you really believe is possible, as opposed to what you want to believe. Pull another Rune for guidance on how you can move through your fears.

The Bridge
Walking upon your path you've now come to a bridge. Know that on the other side of this bridge is a new life, more joyous than the old. Crossing this bridge means becoming more of who you are. It means remembering you are spirit creating the life in which you live.

So much has happened so fast, you need time to integrate it all before making any decisions on what steps to take next.

Termination New Beginnings
The life you've been living has outgrown its form. That form must now die to make way for a new life. It's time for changes. It's time for letting go of relationships and situations that no longer serve you.

Primary Relationship
It's time for a good hard look at your relationship with yourself, for all your other relationships are mirrors reflecting that one. Are you loving yourself enough? Are you honoring your needs? These are the questions you must ask yourself now.

This Rune represents the unknown and the unknowable. Some things must stay hidden until the proper time so that, through your choices, you may learn the lessons you have come here to learn. However, this Rune signifies the issue at hand is related to your life's destiny.

Spirit rejoices in the process of your unfoldment. As your awareness increases you may find yourself quickly outgrowing old forms, patterns and ideas that no longer serve you. Try not to be attached to anything, knowing that whatever is truly yours will always stay with you.

There appears to be an obstacle to your growth. Some long held emotional or mental pattern is creating a temporary setback for you. Remember you don't need to know how to change a limiting pattern for the change to take place. Just tell the universe you are ready to change, and allow spirit to show you how.

You may be feeling disconnected to your power at this time, as a perceived limitation appears greater than your ability to overcome it. Within every problem is a gift, however a chance to transcend limitation and anchor in more of your omnipotent power. Ask the universe what you should focus on now to realign with your Self, and pull another Rune for guidance.

Not Knowing
Spirit is asking you to step outside yourself for a moment into the role of an observer. Are the thoughts you are thinking coming from what you know from your own experience to be true, or are you accepting at face value what others have told you? Claim your power by allowing yourself to be empty and not know. Through that void your spirit's wisdom can guide you into divine right action.

Inner Communication
This Rune signifies the need to open the channel of communication between your ego and your spirit. You can tell when this channel is open because you don't second-guess your actions. When you do what feels right in the moment you allow your spirit to be the guiding force in your life. Each action you do then is perfect for the moment, creating divine outcomes.

Outer Communication
You may find it difficult communicating with certain people at this time as you move more into your true self. Conflicts may arise with those who are holding onto an old, outgrown image of you. Let others be where they need to be, but stand firm in your own self perception. As you accept the new you, others will also.

This is a time of major growth and change, and it is important now to take time out to nurture your inner child. The child within you may be feeling insecure with all the changes your adult self is making. Give yourself a rest. Treat yourself. Relax and be playful. If fears arise, acknowledge them, and ask your spirit to help you release them in a loving way.

Old Habits
Past habits are sometimes difficult to break. The counsel here is "don't rush your own process." Be your own best friend and allow yourself to be slow in resolving the issues that take more time to resolve than you'd like. Remember all things happen in divine time. Let it be OK not to know, and wait for guidance from spirit.

You're experiencing a death of a way of life invalidated by your growth. A relationship may be dying or some aspect of yourself that is no longer appropriate to the you, you are becoming. This time calls for gladly giving up the old.

You are opening to new ideas, new people and new clarity. Now is a time of opportunity as your energy is indicating to spirit that you're ready to receive divine direction to embark on a new path. Now is the time to claim the ability you have become a -knower-, one who knows his or her destiny and acts accordingly.

Now is the time to act, and you know what to do. Your spirit is pulling you in a particular direction. Follow your bliss.

Hold Off
The Rune's counsel is to hold off on action, at least temporarily. The right door has not yet opened and all the facts aren't in. Be patient and wait on spirit's will. What's yours will come to you.

The universe is speaking to you through signs and signals, indicating which way you should go. You have seen or are seeing the signs, and you need now to achnowledge them.

What is unknown or hidden within your subconscious desires now to become known. It's time for you to acknowledge some part of yourself you have not wanted to see before. Acknowledge it, feel it and love it.

This is the path to wholeness. This is the path to light. This is the path to who you are. This is the pathway home. Whatever the question is, this Rune indicates the answer is "yes." The green light is on, and the call is to "go for it!"

There appears to be an obstacle in your way, but it is only an illusion. As long as you perceive it, you will grow from it so that you become stronger. When you have no more need of this obstacle, it will disappear.

You feel the joy of receiving and having. You're letting yourself receive without blocking the flow. Remember the secret to staying in this joyous space of receptivity is gratitude. Gratitude is an energy which opens the heart, and an open heart is a receptive one.

It's becoming clear to you now that what you have is in accordance with what you believe you deserve. To have more you must now look at your beliefs about money, possessions, relationships and happiness. (note: The Aquarian Runes can help you change limiting beliefs. Refer to the Guided Questions section, under Changing limiting Beliefs)

After feeling stuck in self doubt or fear you've made a significant breakthrough. You can now move more easily in the direction of your desires.

Radical Disconunity
Spirit says "absolutely no more" to the old way. A situation that needs changing is now being forced upon you. The traditional term for this Rune is hail, and often the energy associated with it feels quite stormy. However, it forces changes which must occur. Expect abrupt endings, important disassociations and so forth.

Right Direction
This is it, the right path for you! You know this is the right path because it feels right. Your ego's in check and your spirit is in the driver's seat. It feels joyous following your divine path. Keep doing what you love, and the blessings will follow.

Ego Conflicts
It's time for a good hard look at your motives here. Are you getting attached to a particular outcome? Is your spirit asking you to shift directions and you're resisting? Remember not to judge yourself at this time for anything you're feeling. This Rune suggests that what your ego would like to do may not be your highest path. It's time to realign with your spirit. Pull another Rune for guidance on how to do this.

The energy of connectedness surrounds you. Your're joining with others with open heart, realizing that love is always the answer to any problem. The counsel is to keep working on unconditionally loving yourself, for the more you love and accept yourself the more you can do so with others.

Eyes Open
Spirit is asking you to look at your life with open eyes, and not be afraid to acknowledge what you see. Your perceptions don't have to be "right" to anyone else. They are valid for you and you must acknowledge them, even if what you see is different as opposed to how others see things.

Look carefully at the associations you're making at this time. Like energies attract, and nothing happens to you axcept in accord with your own state of consciousness. Those around you have been drawn to you through the law of resonance. If someone is doing or saying something to you that you don't like, ask yourself honestly, "What is this reflecting within me?"

It's time to realize the value of action which is actionless. It's time to receive the clarity that comes from standing still and listening to the voice within.

When you're doing what you love, you can only prosper. This Rune signifies beneficial outcomes. The counsel is to hold fast to your vision of what you'd like to achieve, and go for it! Your spirit is behind you on this one.

Let Go
Your spirit has said "enough," and will no longer let you walk a path that is not your own. Often an allegiance to an ideal, belief or relationship is the hardest thing to release. However, you must release something now.

The Cocoon
You're like a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly. Deep changes are taking place within you now, and it's hard at this time to put your feelings into words. Flow with the process.