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Changing Limiting Beliefs
by Fire_Opal

Our beliefs shape our reality. If our beliefs are limiting we may be shortchanging ourselves and creating less for ourselves than we deserve. Working with the Aquarian Runes can help you replace limiting beliefs with more positive ones. The following is a list of some commonly held "negative" beliefs that can hold you back from creating a joyous life. For any of these beliefs you hold and want to change, pull three Runes to answer these questions:

What is my next step to change this belief?
What should I focus on as I take this step?
What will be the result of taking this step?

Beliefs You're Ready To Change

"I won't be able to create what I want."
"I can't have what I want."
"I'll never be able to make enough money to live abundantly."
"I'll never be able to create a joyous life for myself."
"I'll never have a fulfilling relationship."
"I'll always be alone."
"I'll never be able to quit my job and do what I love."
"Whenever something good happens in my life, something has to spoil it."
"The men/women in my life always leave me."
"There's always a price you pay for freedom."
"I'll never get out of debt."

Feel free to add to this list with other beliefs you'd like to change.

Questions To Help You Change Limiting Beliefs

What should I focus on to change my thoughts, so that I may create a more joyous life for myself?

What should I focus on now to shift my thinking from doubt and fear to joy and abundance?

What should I focus on to move through my fears?

What should I focus on to release my ego's attachment to a particular outcome?

What is my path to live life as an unlimited being?

What should I focus on to walk this path?