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How to use the Aquarian Runes
by Fire_Opal

Put your Runes into their bag. For each question you ask, draw one Rune. After your reading return the Rune to the bag.

Start by getting acquainted with the language of the Aquarian Runes with a one Rune reading. Simply ask spirit, "Where am I now in my life?" and pull one Rune for your answer. Look up the definition in the Aquarian Runes Definitions. The Runes can answer any question that does not require a yes or no response. You'll find they work best when you compose your own questions, but some questions have been provided to get you started. Use these until you become familiar with how best to consult the Runes. You'll find that any divination system is only as effective as the questions you ask.

Once you're familiar with the Aquarian Runes you can use them for daily guidance on any issue. This will also teach you how to use the Runes and the moon to create the life you desire.