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Example Pictures: Healing Runes
by Fire_Opal

The starting point is always innocence. This Rune serves as a gentle reminder of the wholeness and simplicity we knew at our beginnings, and as a promise that we are finally coming home. For Innocence is our first nature, and from it flow all possible right relationships-whith ourselves, with others and with the Divine.

The Rune of Innocence often marks a turning point in the road: a cycle may be ending, a circle drawing to its close. At such a time, you are encouraged to remember the feelings of gentler days. So many different things can bring back the sweet feelings of Innocence: a compassionate word, a smile, an act of kindness, all of which remind us of a time when life itself was effortless, a time when no one hurt our feelings, and the loving way we treated one another was the foundation of our existence. The very memory of those sweet feelings can be healing.

For those who have experienced the betrayal of Innocence, this Rune is saying: Be grateful both for your survival and for the wisdom you have gained through the pain and sorrow of the past. Ask God to once again place Innocence in your heart. Receiving this Rune acknowledges the long road you have traveled to arrive where you are today. Remember to honor yourself and those who have guided you. Allow yourself to feel, once again, the joy of Innocence, and know that you are being healed. For it is through healing that we reclaim our lost Innocence.

I f you cut the Rune of Innocence in half, you will see the Rune of Serenity with its mirror image. There is a promise here, and a blessing. For when Serenity gazes into the mirror and recognizes its own likeness, it knows the peace and understanding that come with self acceptance. Use this day to simplify your life. Bring harmony where you find discord and balance where there is non. Take a moment for prayer of remembrance and thanksgiving, a prayer offered up in childlike Innocence. Let the Innocence you are feeling speak to the Innocence in everyone you meet.

This is a Rune of restoration. It calls for the rebuilding of belief in yourself, in your life and, if you have fallen away, in your relationsship with the Divine. For some, drawing this Rune asks you to show Trust in a present situation. For others, it calls for embracing the changes you are facing with Trust and wisdom.

If this Rune applies to your relationship with yourself, know that love grows when Trust in present. And in relationships of the heart, remeber that I love you and I trust you are two like phrases. If Trust is lacking in your life, consider what you can do to restore it, or to create itit where it never was. For Trust is the foundation which we build our lives. However oppressive or painful the moment may seem, this Rune urges you to have faith and to know that, as you heal, you will be able to Trust again.

Each time you face the issue of Trust, you are being asked to grow. When you push through your fears and Trust your feelings, you do grow and Trust grows in you. Receiving this Rune, you are encouraged to take the first step, to reclaim the lost Trust you once cherished and thrived upon. Perserve in your journey, and Trust in your healing process, for both are uniquely yours and as individual as fingerprints and snowflakes.

In receiving this Rune, remember to let the constraints of the time serve you in righting you relationship with yourself. Use this moment to bring quiet to whatever sense of confusion or sadness you may be feeling. Guilt feeds on conflict. If this Rune relates to a situation for which you feel blame, all you can ask of yourself is to face what has occurred honestly and directly, and then do whatever you can to resolve the conflict and to restore if not harmony at least balance.

The Rune of Guilt fosters healing by reminding us of the need to make amends. For those who seek to heal situations for the past, for what was done or left undone, this Rune counsels you to open your heart and act. Now is the time to bring order, clarity and peace to the chaos of the past. If you received this Rune in response to your concern about a mistake you feel you have made, the Oracle is unambiguous: We all make mistakes. No Guilt need be attached to our mistakes, for this is how we learn. Endlessself blame has no place in healing.

The anxiety engendered by Guilt shakes our trust, distorts our judgments and clouds our perceptions. To live with Guilt is to sabotage the self. Guilt is a dragon that guards the toxic waste of the past. If, on the other hand, you are feeling no Guilt, you may be wondering why you picked this Rune. Perhaps you picked it so that you might consider the question of the restoration of faith in our troubled world, the rebuilding of faith in ourselves, faith in those we love, in our families and our communities.

In drawing this Rune, look to the care of your heart. For the heart is where the deepest memories of Grief are held, and where Grief's wounds will finally be healed. Rare is the life that has not been touched by Grief. Whether the Grief you are feeling is in the present, or an old sorrow you are now strong enough to face, remember: Without the experience of grieving, you may never move beyond that which has caused you so much sadness, so much pain. Be it death of a child, a spouse, a friend, a parent gone but never truly mourned, feel your Grief and embrace it, for it is in the depths of Grief that we come to know and value life.

Ask yourself if this Rune is a messenger, sent to connect you to the Grief of another, someone who is overwhelmed with grieving and sorely in need of a friend simply to listen or share their tears. Grief wears many masks. Remember this whenever it is the heart of another you are being called to care for. In regret, grieving takes another form, regret for what was done or left undone, for what was said or left unsaid. The Rune of Grief can serve as a gentle reminder to make amends where you have wronged another, to do or say what you know in your heart will heal the past.

If you have been too long alone with Grief, this Rune is saying, reach out for help to family and friends. Or having neither, find a community that can support and comfort you, a fellowship that will welcome you with understanding. For some, this Rune announces that the time has come to mourn an old sorrow. For others, it heals the end of a long period of grieving. Either way, know that even the deepest Grief, when fully felt, will lessen and soften over time. There is a calm to be found on the far side of Grief, a peace unknown to those who have yet to grieve.

Practice Gratitude each day for the blessings you receive. Be grateful for the Divine wisdom and guidance, for the courage to face your pain and for the strength of your spirit. Be thankful for the love in your heart, and the willingness to walk the path of healing. This Rune is an invitation to count your blessings. Whose love has touched your heart? Are you blessed with good health? Are you being nourished? Do you nourish others? What brings you joy? What gives you peace?

Be grateful that you find yourself in the company of the spiritual community, program or fellowship of which you are a part, give thanks. Show Gratitude to those from whom you seek counsel, those who inspire you to deepen your faith and strengthen your belief in yourself. From deep within, know Gratitude for having survived the anguish of the past. If, even now, your life is being challenged and tested, and you have made it through another long and lonely night, be grateful for your victory.

If you are just beginning to heal, be thankful that you have indeed begun. If you are already well along in your healing, be grateful for what you have to share with others. Wherever you find yourself on your path, be grateful even for the things you are unable to change, for they will be your teachers.

Receiving this Rune is a simple reminder to listen-to your heart, to those you love and to the still small voice that always speaks with Love. The ways of Love are often hidden and secret. Yet once initiated into Love's ways, they become our ways. And when that happens, Love is everywhere. Receiving this Rune is a call to look upon your world through the understanding and accepting eyes of Love.

If you are just beginning to learn about Love, learning to Love yourself, or learning to Love another, take time to find new ways to share what you are feeling. Love's presence is easily recognized in a word of praise, an act of acceptance or through the understanding forgiveness brings. Whatever is troubling you, challenging you or awaiting resolution, this Rune invites you to claim what is yours and let Love in. See no faults, no disharmonies, no reasons for despair; instead, see only the evidence of Loves presence.

Feel the warmth and radiance of Divine Love filling your heart and streaming forth into the world to touch all creatures large and small.

Shame from the past throws a shadow across today's sun. How long have you been a child of shame, standing alone outside the schoolyard fence, watching the other children as they play? Drawing this Rune signals a time when the Shame you have lived with for so long can be understood and healed, dissolved into memories and pictures that belong only to the past.

Many of us still carry the feelings of chaos and uncertainty from a home where no one listened and boundaries were seldom or never honored. Wherever you are in your recovery, take a few moments to remember the first time you recognized the source of your pain. It is our feelings of Shame that damage trust and sabotage self-acceptance. For this reason, facing both known and secret fears is an essential partof healing the Shame that has bound you to your past. For some, reciving this Rune acknowledges that you have arrived at a place in your recovery where you possess the clarity, the strenth and the will to heal your feelings. You are being called to finally open the sealed rooms of exhaustion, aloneness and fear in which you have been living for so long.

Take comfort form this: When the time is right, you will find the courage to tell just one person what happened. This rune teaches that a new life is possible, and that you are indeed learning how to live that life. Imagine a day when you are free from all feelings of Shame. A day when you are no longer suffering from the painful experiences of your childhood, or feeling wounded by the betrayal of hose to whom you looked for the guidance that never came. Realize that you have survived your pain, and honor yourself for your commitment to the healing journey. For it is one of self-acceptance, self-love and self-care. A noble journey out of the shadows and into the Light.

Receiving the Rune of Faith is an opportunity both to renew the commitment to your spiritual journey and there is no way to buy Faith, borrow it or prepare for it. After all, how can we prepare for a mystery? Without Faith, doubt and fear will surely find us. When Faith is absent, life lacks meaning, while in its presence, the bounty of Divine Love is always to be found. The essence of Faith is in all things.

The Faith that promotes healing simply asks you to reach out whole-heartedly to receive the gift and claim it as your own. Faith encourages us to believe that we can make a difference, a difference first in ourselves, and then in the world.

Drawing the Rune of Denial is a call once again to take control of your life and begin living it as the Divine intended, consciously, compassionately, joyously and with love. For many, this is a time of separating paths. The Oracle reminds us that we were not born to live in pain, but rather to transform our lives through a greater understanding of ourselves and the world around us. This Rune encourages you to admit to yourself and to another the true nature of your pain and your shortcomings. If you are still avoiding the truth of your situation, take this opportunity to remember that it requires hard work, time and understanding to come out of Denial, out of hiding. If Denial no longer plays a part in your life, and still you received this Rune, you are being asked to have compassion for those around you. Find ways to be of service to family, to friends, to the people with whom you work. It may be as simple as listening and then saying the words: "I understand." Often that is all it takes to bring comfort and renewed strength to a weary or troubled heart.

The Rune of Denial calls you to look within and take stock, to make a fearless personal and moral inventory of your life. It counsels you to open yourself up and let the Light into a part of your life that has been secret, shut away. For some, drawing this Rune announces that the time has finally come to end the dance of Denial. One thing is certain about Denial, and it is this: When something within us is disowned, that which is disowned wreaks havoc.

Respect and protection for your feelings, your health and your well-being are almostalways at issue when you receive the Rune of Boundaries. Calling as itdoes for drawing lines and provide yourself with healthy and appropriate boundaries within which you can heal. Perhaps the challenge you are now facing requires the courage to say no to something that no longer has a place in your life. Boundaries and walls are very different things. As you decide what to accept and what to reject, you will learn to live feeling protected, and yet free of walls.

D rawing this Rune can be an affirmation: Setting appropriate limits createsfreedom. Cherish your ability to do this, since good Boundaries are essential to developing healthy feelings about yourself. Healthy Boundaries always bear witness to the fact that someone has courageously undertaken the journey from Denial to Honesty. When we were younger, the word "boundary" meant limitation. With the maturity of time, we can recognize that good Boundaries create safe harbors in which to change, to heal and to grow.

Receiving this Rune is a reminder to run a reality check. Are the Boundaries you have established being recognized and respected? On the other hand, are you being sensitive in respecting the Boundaries of those you love and those with whom you work: your family, your friends, your colleaguesand especially your children? Like well tended gardens, sound Boundaries need attention and care, for without well maintained Boundaries, there can be no safe passage to a new life.

The sacred hand mirror of truth now lies in front of you. Pick it up in silence and, without fear, look into your present situation. Ask if you are being honest, first with yourself, and then with others. To be honest with one's self is where all healing begins. If you are only learning the simplicity that is born of true Honesty, take a moment to remember the very first time you admitted to yourself or to another the depth and truth of your feelings. Be grateful for the relief you felt and the wisdom you gained by laying down the burden you had carried for so long.

For some, drawing this Rune is a sign that the days of hiding from yourself and from others are over. If, however, those days are still upon you, meditate on Shakespeare's words, THIS ABOVE ALL: TO THINE OWN SELF BE TRUE. Honesty opens locked doors in the heart. Being honest is one way to relieving the pain. If you find that speaking the truth is difficult, perhaps the very reason you received this Rune is to remind you to take courage and to try again.

Receiving this Rune, you are reminded that there is less of every-thing-less hope, less trust, less faith, less of life itself without rigorous Honesty. The moment has come, this Rune is saying, to make a searching and fearless moral inventory of your feelings, your ways of thinking and your actions. And to remember that, when Honesty goes, it takes Serenity with it, for the seeds of courage to heal can only grow in honest soil. Among the attributes of the well nourished self are the ability and the willingness to nourish others. Honesty nourishes the soul even as it fosters healing.

As the years go by and the course of our life changes, it is the ability to be honest with ourselves that provides us with the opportunity to teach then next generation that there is both honor and power in speaking the truth.

Receiving this Rune is recognition of how far you have come along the path of healing. Give thanks for the blessings Serneity brings. In the past, we hardly knew this peaceful place, with its freedom from want and need. It is through a life lived in Serenity that we come to know and understand our closeness to the Divine. Serenity is a fruit-bearing branch form the tree whose roots bind up all the Runes: Honesty leads to Serenity, and Patience issuse from it. Grief, Anger and Fear are resolved in its embrace, while Trust and Faith are nourished by Serenity and Love thrives in its presence.

There is a place inside our being where Serenity dwells. Take time each day to nourish yourself with the comfort to be found there. For it is from this place of tranquillity and peace that all service begins. Become familiar with what Serenity means in your daily life. Without Serenity, wounds are slow to heal, while in its presence, all things are possible. If Serenity is absent from your world, and you are still riding the merry-go-round of chaos and denial, ask the Divine for the guidance and strength to face your life with courage. And if you fee your Serenity slipping away, pause for a moment and remember above all to stay present and live your life one day, one moment, at a time. The clear and simple message of this Rune is: PRACTICE SERENITY.

Happy is the one whose own heart never lies, who knows what waiting means and still can wait. In drawing this Rune, you are being asked to show Patience in some part of your life. If you are one who has endless Patience for others and almost none for yourself, this Rune is a reminder: Since the starting place for healing and recovery is always the self, take time each day to give yourself the gift of Patience. Acknowledge and appreciate your own efforts, and be grateful for your progress along the path of growth and healing.

When you are healing, you must allow each step to take place in its own time. With the practice of Patience come persevrance, trust and wisdom. Judging, comparing, needing to know why-these are never your allies. Patience is your ally. If you have just received difficult or troubling news, find a quiet place to be with wheat you've learned. Consider whather the situation you are facing is part of life's endless coming to be a passing away, or part of that which abides. Then turn your troubles over to the Divine. Even in our darkest hours, Patience speaks to us and comforts us, saying: THIS TOO SHALL PASS.

For some of us, receiving this rune serves as a reminder that, as with all things, Patience too has its healthy limits. Whatever the case may be, you are encouraged to learn the difference between Patience and denial. If in your present situation you have been patient too long, then Patience is no longer a virtue. What stronger evidence can there be that you are truly healing than your willingness to live your life patiently, consiously, one day at a time? As you contemplate this Rune, remember that the Will of the Divine is at work in your life, and that Patience is one of Love's master teachers.

By adding Patience to Serenity, you will reach a place of Acceptance, and you will look with serene eyes upon a world that no longer withholds from you the love you were born to receive. Be mindful that Patience is essential for the recognition of your own process which, in its season, leads to the harvest of the self.

This is a Rune of major blessings, blessings received and blessings bestowed. Acceptance forms the foundation for loving yourself. Before you can rebuild your life, you must come to know the peace that accompanies self acceptance, for out of that peace arises the wisdom and the willingness to greet each day with a quiet heart. Serenity and Acceptance are linked by Patience. Serenity and Acceptance are twins. Yet as with all twins, one must be born first, one second; one leading, one following. To be a happy second twin is to understand the true nature of Acceptance. Whatever may be troubling you, this Rune is saying, know that the time has come to accept what you cannot change, especially if it has caused you confusion, sorrow or pain. To do so restores to you the power to change what you can. If you feel the pain is too great, you may need to turn to prayer/meditation in order to find your way to Acceptance. And yet sometimes it is unwise to pray/meditate pain away the pain, lest the understanding to be gained on the far side of pain be preayed/meditated away, too. For it is the gradual Acceptance of the feelings and memories of the past that enables us to change. And while you may be unable to alter your present situation, what you can do is transform your response to that situation. Herein lies your freedom-a freedom that will, in time, permit you to move on. Remember that you are a human being, this Rune is saying, embrace your imperfections and know that you can set a new course for your life, one degree at a time, one day at a time. Here is a thought so simple that i might seem trivial, and yet it lies at the heart of Acceptance: Where you are now is just fine, because that's where you are, and have a perfect right to be there. anyone who is reluctant to support you in being where you are, at this moment, is no friend of Acceptance. There is a special kind of valor in accepting the truth of what is happening in our lives, our families, our schools, our cities and our nation. For until we can teach our children the power of Acceptance, there is neither the possibility for lasting change, nor any hope to alter the course of human events in the years to come. Receiving this Rune calls for gladly giving up the old and being prepared to live, for a while, empty, while you wait for the new to become illuminated in its proper time.

Courage is faith in action. Drawing the Rune indicates that you are being asked to recognize and honor the Courage and strength of your own spirit. As you do, you will grow in the understanding necessary to continue traveling the road you have chose, and to face with wisdom whatever challenges life brings.

Anyone who has been sorely tested suffered through the death of a loved one, been critically ill, recovered from as addiction or broken the silence of spousal abuse knows well the Courage it takes to heal. The insight from these transforming experiences gives us hope and teaches us that the reward for Courage is wisdom. If it is the past that troubles you, know that the past is often healed by a courageous heart and mind. Time and again, the true test of Courage is to live rather than to die, to survive the period of crisis and complete your healing. Take comfort also from this: THERE IS INTIMACY WITH THE DIVINE ARISING FROM THE SMALL BRAVE ACTS THAT HELP US THROUGH EACH DAY.

For some, receiving this Rune may be a reminder to reach out and ask for help. Taking the risk of reaching out is one of those brave acts of daily Courage. For others, the Rune of Courage announces that the cycle of sorrow and pain has finally come to an end. Be at peace with your healing. You have walked the path of true Courage; now it is time to go out in the world and live the life you were born to live.

The proper prelude to all things is Prayer/Meditation, for it is through Prayer/Meditation that we practice the Presence of God/Divine in our lives. Whatever your concern may be, place it in the hands of the Divine through Prayer/Meditation. For Prayer/Meditation nourishes with love the good desires of the heart; it quiets the troubled spirit and summons to our cause the highest good for all concerned. Each time our actions are blessed by Prayer/Meditation, we invite the Divine to share in our dedication and give us joy.

R eceiving this Rune, we pray/meditate for healing. For the healing of childhood wounds and the addictions they engendered. We ask for the healing of our bodies, our minds and our hearts. For the righting of injustices, and the mending of damaged lives. From deep within our hearts, we pray/meditate for the permanent cessation of violence and an end to all abuse. We pray/meditate for Love and Light to come and seal the door where evil dwells. Above all, we pray/meditate for the precious care of our souls.

A life in transition draws upon Forgiveness in order to make peace with the past. Receiving this rune, you are asked to consider: WHO IS IT THAT CALLS OUR TO YOU FOR FORGIVENESS: TO WHOM DO YOU CALL OUT? To all of you who find the courage in your heart to forgive those who betrayed you, this Rune brings a blessing. Forgiving someone who hurt you, and making amends these are two faces of Forgiveness. There is a third face as well: Consider whether receiving this Rune, at this moment, may be an invitation to extend Forgiveness to yourself.

Drawing the Rune of Forgiveness is an opportunity to consider the situations in your life where you have been thoughtless, unkind or mean spirited. What can you do to make amends? Do you need to write a letter, sit face to face, or simply speak openly to that person, ask for their Forgiveness and give them your blessing? It has been said that to cling to resentment is to harbor a thief in your heart. For resentment robs you of your energy, your strength, your peace of mind and, ultimately, your ability to heal. It is not part of our nature to withhold Forgiveness.

There is one more blessing in this Rune. It is for those who have the courage to brave the fearsome seas of anger and rage and, in time, arrive upon Forgiveness' safe shore. This Rune would be incomplete without an image of Forgiveness as the scales upon which our lives are balanced: Joy in for giving, and joy at being forgiven, hang level in the balances of love.

Drawing the rune of Humor is always an encouraging sign, for Humor is really three Runes in one: an Invitation, a bit of Advice and a Blessing. If you find yourself in the middle of a difficult situation which threatens to overwhelm you, take time out to see the Humor in it all. That's the Invitation.


Since it is said that God's favorite music is laughter, know that each time you laugh, your laughter is your gift to God. That's the Blessing. If you are just now recovering your sense of Humor, this Rune congratulates you. If, on the other hand, you're convinced that your Humor has gone, the Oracle is saying: No need to worry, it will return as you heal. For Humor is heading's handmaiden.

Humor springs from the Rune of Flow. Flow is the softest most feminine of the older Runes, calling as it does for contraction your intuitive wisdom and attuning to your own rhythms. If you are out of harmony with healing, this Rune is saying : Humor will help you to restore the balance. It is on the road to healing that we recover our sense of Humor and learn to apply the salve of laughter to old wounds. Good Humor is indeed good medicine. The ability to laugh at oneself is always a healthy sign. Laughter delights the soul and brings joy to the hear: it add flavor to gratitude, lessens the burden of our mistakes, turns enemies into friends, dissolves fear and, in so doing, encourages love.

The challenge for you in drawing the Rune of Anger is to take Anger's powerful energy and treat it as an ally in your healing, a wake-up call for change. This Rune announces that the moment has come for you to let go of Anger. Know that in doing so you must give up the old and be willing to wait patiently for the new to be revealed to you in its proper time. Since anger is often a mask for hurt, fear or feelings of abandonment, look beneath your Anger and ask yourself: Are you feeling angry because you feel no one is listening, because it seems that no on sees you or because you have no one to turn to? Has some aspect of the present situation caused fresh old pain in an old wound?

W hatever may be the case, welcome Anger as information. Explore it, see where it is coming from and how it prevents you from saying what you truly mean to say. Receiving this Rune need not be taken as a challenge or a demand that you face your Anger. In fact, you needn't even be angry to draw the Rune of Anger. Each Rune offers you an opportunity for meditation. So take time to think about your circumstances. Meditate on your Anger. See if you can find a safe passage that leads from the present situation to a place of harmony and peace.

A nger at injustice can be a liberating and powerful force for change. Healthy Anger, appropriate Anger, can free you to break old patterns of helplessness. Anger is a force that can provide you with the energy to change. There is a blessing for you in receiving this Rune, a new way of looking at life, a new way of responding to conflict. When you are able to take that new perspective out into the world, surely when you can call Anger you teacher and your friend.

It has been said that Wisdom is a map upon which to follow the journey of the sourutm a sacred text of understanding from which to learn about the care of the soul. The ability to accept and grow from life's lessons is the beginning of Wisdom. As Wisdom deepens, it lends inspiration to creativity and understanding to grief. The greatest good is Wisdom.

It is through Wisdom that a tragedy becomes a teaching. That is Wisdom's way and love's way. For it is Wisdom that teaches the mind to understand and learn through love. Drawing this Rune is always a gift, urging us, as it does, to remember these comforting words: Wisdom is precious. Wisdom is earned. The wise do not need to speak for their wisdom to reveal itself. It is their love and understanding that heal us.

It is through Surrender that we come to recognize a force greater than ourselves, a linitless Power that is available to us, a Power that heals. Surrender is the highest form of conscious contact with the Divine. Not so long ago, Surrender meant defeat and brought with it shame and dishonor. On the healing journey, Surrender means relinquishing control, for in so doing we acknowledge our readiness to heal. Receiving this Rune, you are being asked to let go of your need to control the present situation, or to release any past experience that continues to trouble you.

For some, this Rune encourages your Surrender to the feelings of being alone or abandoned by embracing your fears and moving through them hand in had with the divine. If you are facing a critical illness, a life crisis, or if the moment has finally come to stop fightine yourself, be grateful, and practice Surrender. If you are seeing these words for the first time, let them mark a new for your healing.

The true power of Surrender always changes our lives. Since this rune has come to you this day, Pray and affirm: I surrender my will to the Greater Will, the Will of the Divine. I will to will Thy Will.

Hope is a light that never fails, a flame burning in the darkest night, an elusive feeling that urges you on when, against all reason, you refuse to give up. Hope is among the most abiding gifts. What would bring you Hope this day? Perhaps something as simple as caring words from a loving friend, or taking that first step, or another day of sobriety. Whatever form of inspiration will nourish your spirit, hold it with care in loving hands.

If you are concerned about your health, remember that through the eyes of Hope, even illness can be seen as a gift, an opportunity to acquire the wisdom born of adversity. Embrace this opportunity, and bind it with your faith. With Hope, we learn to keep on living our lives courageously and diligently. If this Rune comes to you as you are entering a new relationship, be mindful to let the lessons you have learned from the past serve you in what is to come. And if your life is moving in a new direction, let yourself feel the hope that accompanies all new beginnings. Hope is a companion on our journey, one that whispers in our ear: It is going to get better... The darkness is behind you... The daylight has come.

Rather than collapse yourself into thoughts of the future, stay in the present, for considerable hard work is involved in a time of healing and transformation. Beyond the suffering and oppression that burden our humanity, we lay claim to our inheritance of Hope.

Patience invites healing as a beautiful landscape clams a troubled spirit. In drawing the Rune of Fear, it is well to remember that Fear usually carries with it a self-fulfilling prophecy. Do not be dismayed. Have patience with your healing. The Divine uses Fear, the Oracle is saying, to give you what you need. When Fear still grips your life, there you will find your victories.

Is it Fear that keeps you from making choices in life? Remember that if left unchecked, healthy doubts grow into irrational fears that stop our lives and cause us senseless confusion, doubt and pain. Does Fear of failure torment you? Fear of success? Have you been living your life fearing that the cries and whispers of the past will never be silent? Take heart, this Rune counsels, and know that these are only voices from the past.

For those of us who were children of abuse, Fear was our heritage; it clouded everything. But that is no longer the case. This Rune is a gentle reminder to acknowledge the power of change.

When we have Compassion for one another, we shall be of one mind. Drawing this Rune reminds us to take time to show Compassion to those we meet along our way. Many of Compassion's qualities are found in other Runes. They shine in Forgiveness, Trust and Love, all of which weave together in the Wholeness to which our nature aspires.

F or some, receiving this Rune calls for a profound recognition: admitting to yourself something that you have long denied. At such a challenging time, remember to have Compassion for yourself. To the compassionate self, this Rune is a gentle reminder that the journey to wholeness is just that, a journey. Along the way, in your meditations and prayers, ask to see the world through compassionate eyes.

ivine Love is present in each of the seasons of the heart. Throughout our lives, that Love nurtures us, inspires and teaches us and, at the end, calls us home. When did you first begin to know the Divine? Was it in the innocence of your childhood? Was it through adversity or loss that you began your search? Or have you always known there was Power greater than yourself guiding your life?

If you find yourself facing a test for which you feel unwilling or unready, make the Divine your strength. Our lives are ordered for us by the Divine so that noting is too much. However the Divine enters your life, in your love for a child, a partner or for our Mother Earth, Divine's love is the deapest truth available to us. Once you have made this truth your own, you need never want, never fear again.