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Healing Rune Guide
by Fire_Opal

Technically, a single Rune is not a spread. And yet, if one glance at the compass tells you how to modify your course setting, what more is required? This is the most practical and simple use of the Oracle, and consists of drawing one Rune for an overview of an entire situation. This can assist you to focus more clearly on your issue and provide you with a fresh perspective. What you are in effect doing is inviting the mind to function intuitively, and invoking the wisdom of the Knowing Self.

At any time, in any situation, when you feel the need to listen to the wisdom of your Higher Self, or your Higher Power, a single Rune drawn from the bag will serve you like a glimpse of a compass, in order to reassure you about the course you are taking. Drawing a single Rune is particularly helpful under stressful conditions. You may find yourself dealing with matters that demand action now, and the truth is, you don't have enough information. To reach a decision, all you require is your bag of Runes and, if possible, a quiet place.

Drawing a single Rune is not valuable only in a time of crisis; this technique is useful whenever you require an overview of any situation. Remember, you can always pick a Rune as a reality check. Once a week, once a month, every day. You'll know when. Use the single Rune drawing to honor significant events in your life: birthdays, anniversaries, the New Year, even the death of a friend and other important occasions. You may want to record these readings in a Rune Journal.