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Lending Your Runes
by Fire_Opal

Lending your Runes to someone else is strictly a personal matter. Some people will feel comfortable lending their Runes, others will not. I personally do not loan mine out. If you are in doubt about Lending your Runes, you can consult the Oracle.

Keeping a Healing Runes Journal

As you begin to work with the Healing Runes, you may find it useful to record the Runes you draw and the insights that come from certain spreads. Recording your Rune readings will, in the beginning of your practice, serve to help you become more familiar with the essence of the individual Runes. Looking back, the journal will help you to recall with some accuracy where you were in a cycle or pattern. Finally, in the light of later events, you will be able to judge for yourself the relevance and accuracy of the Oracle as a guide for healing and self change. Ancient as they are, the Runes remain an open-ended system. In time, you will no doubt discover new and creative ways to enjoy the benefit from them.