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Using Healing Runes
by Fire_Opal

How do the Healing Runes work? You are in crisis. It feels like your world is coming apart. You are facing a challenge and need the advice of a trusted friend. But your doctor, therapist and best friends are nowhere to be found.

With your issue in mind, do the following:

1. pick a Rune. Reach into your bag and draw out one stone.
2. look up the Rune's picture.
3. turn to the Interpretation and read the commentary for that Rune to help you get in touch with your feelings in the present situation.

To be sure, not every sentence on an Interpretation will be relevant to each of you. Yet, each time you draw a Rune, there will always be a few key phrases that speak clearly to your needs and your concerns. On occasion, what's more, the Oracle will even override your present concern and point you toward another difficult situation, another area of your life, that is crying out for attention.

Each of you will go through different pases in your relationship to the Oracle as a self counseling tool. There will be times when you use the Healing Runes daily, other times when you use them not at all. The Healing Runes are proving themselves to be a trustworthy witness and good companion for those who have chosen self healing as their path. When you find yourself at a crossroads, in a life crisis or, simply, when you are faced with any question of right action, and you desire to act for the highest good of all concerned, the Oracle is there to serve you.