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Example Pictures (Runes)
by Fire_Opal

FREY Frey was the God of fertility and peace. This Rune, therefore, means good luck, success, and fertility. It also refers to harmony. Reversed: it means loss or stagnation and a lack of harmony.

POWER This Rune means creative power but also wisdom and knowledge. It stands for good fortune and opportunity but also sexuality. Reversed: It means opportunities missed, a lack of development, and possible physical problems.

THORN Thor was the Norse God of strength, this Rune, therefore, means protection. Someone may provide help or good news may come. Reversed It can mean bad news or vulnerability. As a thorn it denotes small but not serious dangers.

ODIN This Rune represents Odin himself. It signifies wisdom and help from someone older. It can mean magic, psychic power, or intuition. Reversed: It invokes Odin's trickster side. Someone (and this is especially true of older persons) causes trouble or plays tricks. Beware of advice.

WHEEL This Rune can indicate physical journeys, especially pleasant ones, or journeys that bring some positive development. It can also refer to a person's spiritual journeys of development. Reversed: It means a difficult journey or delays. It can also refer to lessons the person must learn.

FIRE This Rune represents the creative fire- the artistic impulse-but also passion and sexual desire. Reversed: It means a block or impediment to the person's creative energy.

GIFT This is a sign of gifts, generosity, and giving. People come together and relationships become deeper. Reversed: it means selfishness but also separation. Something may block or harm friendship.

JOY A sign of happiness and of harmony between people. A situation may change for the better. Reversed: It means problems between people, changes that can bring unhappiness. It warns the person to look at situations that might cause trouble.

HAIL This Rune signifies unexpected setbacks or problems for the person, especially illness. Reversed: It represents delays, primarily from forces or situations outside the person.

NECESSITY This important Rune teaches the lesson of patience. It will not go well if the person tries to push something. Greed or simple desire can prove destructive. Reversed: It warns the person to avoid quick decisions. He or she should think carefully before making any kind of commitment.

ICE This Rune denotes some kind of obstacle. By its imagery it also represents coldness between people. Reversed: It suggests that this coldness can lead to arguments. However, the person can act positively to try to melt the ice in a more productive way.

YEAR This Rune refers to the cycles of nature and of life. Something will come to fruition. Effort receives it's reward. Reversed: It suggests a block in the natural workings out of things. Removed matters will reach their proper conclusion.

YEW The Yew tree was sacred to Odin who gathered the dead souls for their journey to Valhalla or the underworld. This Rune, therefore, signifies the solemn importance of death in human life. We can interpret it like the Death card in Tarot (the thirteenth trump) as denoting the passing of old ways and habits. This is one of two Runes that has no reversed meaning to it.

HEARTH By its symbolism this Rune refers to the home. Traditionally it signifies mystery. Things may not be what they seem. The person may need to look below the surface. Reversed: It means that secrets are revealed and feelings openly expressed.

PROTECTION This Rune signifies protection from danger. This person may face a temptation but will resist it. New beginnings are possible. Reversed: It indicates some danger which the person needs to avoid. This may come from someone else.

THE SUN A Rune of good health and happiness, it also denotes the creative will. It can signify guidance. Reversed: It indicates the danger of illness from carelessness.

TYR Tyr was the god of war. This Rune signifies courage and energy, but also passion bringing happiness. Reversed: It indicates that conflicts drain the person. It is a mark of frustration.

BIRTH This Rune can refer to an actual birth or new marriage but also to beginnings and growth, the start of something significant. Reversed: It indicates stagnation or obstacles that prevent the birth of something.

HORSE This Rune signifies travel but also change, such as a new job or a new home. It can refer to spiritual journeys. Reversed: It indicates restlessness. The person wishes to travel as an escape.

MAN The image of a human being suggests intelligence, memory and culture, all the attributes that that set humans apart. The Rune also refers to family matters. Reversed: It indicates that the person seeks isolation, especially from family. It can also mean not using intelligence.

WATER Water symbolizes the unconscious, intuition, and mystery. This Rune indicates psychic awareness but also the hidden sources of creativity. Reversed: it means that the water has become stormy. The person becomes emotional but confused.

FERTILITY This Rune indicates completion, whether of projects or ideas or in the sense of people developing to their fullest potential. Reversed: It shows a block to that development. The person needs to work harder.

DAY This is a Rune of awakening and clarity. It indicates success, wealth, and abundance in life. Reversed: It means that the person needs to be careful and to conserve resources.

ACESTRIAL PROPERTY This Rune refers to inheritances and property in general. It can also describe inherited abilities or family traditions. Reversed: It signifies that there are problems with inheritance, difficulties with parents, or a break with family.

WYRD The Rune master's bag contains a blank Rune, signifying mystery but also fate. In a reading it indicates something the person cannot know. It also tells him or her that fate may decide the issue. It is also the second Rune that has no reversed meaning.