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Pure Energy Psi - Overview
by Zeus

Pure Energy Psi is a structured psi path that bases itself on functional ability and time spent on the path rather than the amount energy actually internalized by a person. In Pure Energy Psi there are actually two distinct aspects that a person is expected to work through and develop on their journey.
The first aspect of a Pure Energy path is the more obvious ability portion in which a person learns techniques and practices/uses the practical ability in a controlled and efficient manner. Whether a person is naturally gifted with a psychic talent, or has to consciously develop ability does not matter, as both types must be continually honed to increase their effectiveness, and efficiency. When beginning, or learning an ability a person is often raw and throws a lot of energy into accomplishing an intent which may, or may not manifest exactly as desired. While it is often fine to being techniques in this manner the point of Pure Energy Psi is to be able to create intents and outcomes subtly and without notice using only the exact amount of energy necessary. When an ability is consistently manifested in such a way that it smoothly integrates with perceived reality and does not overly affect general energy balance a person is said to have mastered that specific ability and is expected to learn a new technique ability with what they've previously learned and discovered while continuing to practice their mastered skill(s).
The second, and less obvious, aspect of a Pure Energy Psi path is self-improvement and understanding. Pure Energy is a scientific base path and so requires something to develop something else. Really it boils down to personal equilibrium. The catch-point of a Pure Energy path in psi is that abilities gained are not the goal, but instead a beneficial side effect of creating a better understanding of the self. In order to avoid the mind numbing psychological and psychiatric discussions for the reasoning behind the ties between self improvement and ability development allow the explanation that through self improvement a person allows themselves a greater field of accomplishment through the psychological understanding that they are worthy and capable of anything. As an example, though somewhat negative, take the act of murder. Every single person has within them the ability to commit murder; however most never take the steps to practice it. Understanding that they could commit murder creates a responsibility not to follow through with the act and a focus on being a better person by learning to deal with situations in a different manner. Just as in this example each person on the Pure Energy path is charged with understanding they can accomplish anything and how best to understand themselves to live in a balanced and responsible manner.
As a person progresses along a Pure Energy path they learn to be a better, stronger person and gain abilities as they develop and grow. Upon entering their seventh year on the path, or accelerated understanding on parallel paths, a person that has mastered abilities may requires the recognition of their Pure Energy Mastery. To gain recognized mastery a person must be tested and acceptably pass a predetermined examination by a recognized master one level above the level they are vying for (a person must progress through the laid out order with a one year waiting period between successive exams). Masters are colour-coded and include, in order: Blue, Purple, Silver, Gold, and White. Not all masters of the same colour-code hold the same abilities as each master chooses their specific area of ability mastery. A mastery level is structured only to signify the length of time a person has quested on their path and to recognize the achievement of ability mastery. Not all those on a Pure Energy path request the recognition of mastery, as they are content to continue on their own; however Pure Energy Psi does not recognize a non-master's ability to successfully, or correctly teach aspects of psi and treats their advice more as guidance than truth.
Pure Energy Psi is a very well structured path in psi that gives a person a mastery goal to achieve while developing abilities and becoming a better person.