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Pure Energy Psi - History
by Zeus

Throughout history mankind has embraced, or at least dabbled in magick and the psychic arts. Every culture in the World has a section of it that deals with psi in general, but it wasn't until the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries that science stepped in to try and categorically prove, or disprove each culture's psi theories.
As science began to study psychism it was found that each unique culture had developed specific language and bases for their theories, but that most underlying techniques were very similar. From this finding science began to develop its own language for reporting and discussing psychism theories and techniques. Out of this newly developed psychic language and in true scientific fashion Pure Energy Psi was born in the the first half of the twentieth century.
Pure Energy Psi itself is fairly new, but the techniques it encompasses are not. Instead of creating entirely new techniques that no culture had ever heard of Pure Energy Psi incorporates those psychism theories, and techniques that are nearly identical in all cultures World-wide. What is new with Pure Energy Psi is its fundamental basis. Since the structure and techniques were initially carried out by scientists there was great skepticism regarding the spiritual, and religious make-up of many theories. This being the case Pure Energy Psi techniques and theories rely on everything at its most basic form. This permits a basis of energy rather than any supernatural power; however the fundamental remains somewhat abstract as it is still unproven. One of the other major changes brought in with Pure Energy Psi is flexibility. The studies found that most cultural psychism theories required one to give up all prior ideals before grasping the new theory in its entirety. Pure Energy Psi was created with the flexibility to conform to any previous religious, spiritual, or mystic beliefs without having to radically change those beliefs. To do this one only has to draw the parallels from Pure Energy Psi to what is already known, or held in belief by that person.
Pure Energy Psi also attempts to standardize psychism techniques and languages in order to help all people understand the step by step instructions that come with the techniques, and to integrate what one wishes to take of Pure Energy Psi into their life.
In the end Pure Energy Psi may have a slightly different start and reason for being than other psychism theories, but its flexibility and the ease with which it can be learned simply cannot be beat. The classic Pure Energy Psi learning phrase has always been, "If Pure Energy doesn't fit well with you change it so that it does."