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by Zeus

Magick is actually a broad ranging path that encompasses multiple, more specific genres. In essence magick is a path that refers to paranormal-type abilities and activities that are driven by a person, but require energy from outside that person. In most cases it is difficult to tell a magick act from a psychic act, and it is only when one becomes very discerning that distinctions can be made. Many people on a magickal path indeed will say that there is no difference between a psychic and magick path; however there are key differences in managing how an outcome is achieved and the balancing of the natural order, or energy. In magick a person is responsible for the interruption of the natural order, and in most cases will have the outcome mirrored onto them, or into their own life. A magickian claims solely the responsibility of ensuring balance and natural order.
No quoted source can rightly say where magick originated, or when it first came into being. Magick is known to have existed and been practiced for thousands of years dating back to accounts of the ancient Egyptians and before. Somewhere along its great history magick developed, or broke into different genres each being used by different cultures depending on tradition and generational teachings. The ancient Egyptians were known to have used both verbal and textual/written magick, while Native North Americans more often passed down ritual magick. Early people of Norse tradition were fond of power object magick and inhabitants of the now British Isles were more likely to gravitate towards staff magick. These broad categorizations are by no means solid as all flavours of magick were found worldwide as they were taught and passed down through the generations. What has been listed was only the most likely places to find certain magicks in history. In more recent times magick has been relegated to more condensed pockets around the world with no real gravitation towards one specific area of magick. The exception, of course, is those people in areas that remain true to their traditions and ancestral roots.
The basis of magick is really the manipulation of the physical world through the specific use of known energy distorting patters. Each specific use of known magick has a predictable outcome that serves to change the physical works in some way.