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Huna - An Introduction
by ChezNips

What is Huna? The word itself means "secrets" in the Hawaiian language. Huna itself is not a religion but a system of beliefs. The most significant thing that stands out to me with Huna is that these are beliefs passed down for several thousands of years without being written down and they knew things that modern psychology, still in its infancy, has just recently discovered and classified. It works for anyone regardless of their religious beliefs to demonstrate that we are all powerful in our own right and we can harness that power. Since this is my own interpretation of all that I have learned in the last several years I will be taking out the Hawaiian language in most cases and translating it into terms we use in the psi-palatium for instructional purposes. I do urge you to do some research and homework on your own to complete a better understanding. My intention is to make a cliff notes version of what I know and to cut out the lengthy stories and go straight to the more important concepts.

I learned about Huna form several different sources, most notably Max Freedom Long and his many books on the subject. Not everyone that reads about Huna will be interested in where it came from. Tracing it back to its starting points is one of the things that fascinates me the most. Max Freedom Long (MFL) started learning about this secret in Hawaii when he traveled there as a teacher in 1917 and was hearing rumors and stories from the local people. The stories are incredible and include healing broken bones, fire walking and the death prayer but when he asks for someone to talk to about the stories, no one is willing to say a word. The code of silence is so strong to hide and protect the kahunas that even after meeting Dr. William Brigham to compare notes and stories of the kahunas and working several years to figure out how this huna works, they make almost no progress and MFL goes back to the main land in 1931, 14 years after starting on his quest. Over night MFL gets an idea in 1935 that the kahunas had to have names and words for their magic to pass from generation to generation. He took out his Hawaiian/English dictionary and remembering that the Hawaiian people had believed in having 2 souls insted of the customary one that most of use believe in, he looked up the words.

The Hawaiian language is made up of short root words to make longer more descriptive words. Each root adds to the meaning and the words can be translated by separating them into the smaller roots to find their original meanings. By takeing the words for the 2 souls and translating them down to their roots he found the functions and properties for what we in modern psychology classify as the conscious and subconscious selves. Later on, 6 years down the road he also cracked the code for the Super conscious/high self. The only serious block MFL had was that the kahunas kept their secrets well hidden by the use of symbols and that took him a great deal of time and effort to crack.

After MFL came back to the mainland, he had to share his findings with the world and published a report of all his findings. By chance a retired English journalist read it and wrote back to MFL about the incredible similarities between the Hawaiian magick and that of the Berber tribe in the Atlas Mountains of North Africa where he studied in his youth. The Hawaiian words were the same except for small dialect differences. There seems to be a starteling connection between the Berbers and the Polynesians because the languages are not at all related. The two peoples had either been a part of the same stock or had contact somewhere in ancient times.

The tribal history of the Berber's told of that of 12 tribes of people each having kahunas. They had lived in the Saraha Desert when it was fertile and green land with flowing rivers. They moved into the Nile Valley after the rivers dried up. These people used their magic to help cut, carry and place the building blocks of the Great Pyramid. From there, the kahunas had forseen a time of darkness approaching. To preserve the secret of the magick, the 12 tribes decided to hunt for new fertile lands to occupy until the time was right to again emerge into the world. Eleven of the tribes set out, their kahunas using psychic means to locate a new land and moved alone either the African coast or India and after a period of years with no word, the 12th tribe assumed they were lost. The 12th tribe now set out to find new land instead going north to settle into the Atlas Mountains. Here they lived for centuries preserving the secret of the magic but as modern times approached the kahunas had all but died out.

This tribal history linked the Polynesians up with North Africans and possibly Egypt. The oral legend of the Hawaiian's people contain little information with the exception of the Polynesian people coming from a far away land. They set out to find the lush fertile lands their kahunas had clairvoyantly seen. They do tell of moving along the "Red Sea of Kane" which corresponds with the idea that they came from Egypt by way of the Red Sea.

Tracing the Hawaiian origins thru customs and languages has been largely unsuccessful. Of the eleven Polynesian tribes, all with different dialects, all have been traced to India, the Near East, Madagascar and even Japan. In India, a number of kahuna concepts have been found but greatly mutated over the many years and are of no practical use today.

Without the help of this retired English journalist, MFL would never have made the important connection to crack the secret code thru symbols that he and Dr. Brigham had begun many years earlier. It is also interesting to note that there is little to no dependable literature about kahunas on the Hawaiian islands themselves. What little information that is available completely missed the basic mechanisms MFL reported. The studies of MFL and Dr. Brigham only recently became more open and available. They had been hidden away in the libraries and one had to ask for that specific information to get access. The secret today is still actively being kept secret as well as that of complete denial of the existence of kahuna magic.