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by Zeus

Before a person begins to look into psi they must understand what psi means, where it will direct their life, and how a psi path is meant to be tread, among other notable aspects.

Starting into psi should not be taken lightly as it is a decision that will change one's life as it is lived and known. Psi itself is not energy, nor is it a technique, or ability. Psi is simply a word meant to encompass all things considered to be of a psychic, or magick nature. When applied to a life path psi is considered to convey the thought that a person is actively incorporating psychic, and/or magick aspects into their life in pursuit of bettering their self. A person does not and should not begin a psi path with the soul purpose of gaining abilities. While psychic and magick abilities are wondrous they must be understood to be only a by-product of bettering the self. On the same stage a person must not enter into psi in hopes of revenge, or other similar reasons that are detrimental to others. What can not be emphasized enough about psi is that it is meant for the healthful growth of an individual, which in turn leads to positive changes in environment associated with that individual.

When a person chooses to tread a psi path for the correct reasons it then falls to them to choose whether to walk a generalized path, incorporating aspects from many defined genres, or to select a specific path to follow. Luckily this decision does not have to be made right away as most people starting out have no idea if specific paths (ie. Pure Energy, Huna, Wicca, Druidism, Magick, Shamanism, etc.) are right for them. The important thing to remember is to begin generally, as one would do in school, and begin to specialize in a specific path once there is a draw, or want for it. Keep in mind too that people change specific paths all the time as they understand themselves more and create a psi-incorporated lifestyle.

A person choosing to enter into a psi path must also realize another important factor, and that is that learning, understanding and implementing psi aspects requires a great deal of time and dedication. There is a virtual treasure trove of information relating to psi available in print, on media, and on the Internet. To learn and take in all the available knowledge is an extraordinary task that takes great devotion and a lot of time. A person must ask himself or herself if they truly wish to use their time in the pursuit of psi. If the answer is no then the person should walk away from psi. However, if one is ready to spend their time (possibly decades) learning then, and only then should they continue their quest for psi-related knowledge. But learning psi is only the beginning, because a person must understand the knowledge before implementing it into their life.

Understanding is always a relative and personal aspect since there are many levels to understanding. Each person has their own ability to understand knowledge based on their education, environment, and present level of comprehension. This is not to say that a person's level of understanding will not expand with time, it simply points out that people comprehend material at differing speeds. All good material in psi is offered in a cascading manner, which means that what is understood today will be different from what is understood in a month, or year from now. Good psi material should constantly teach new aspects, with the same words. As one understands more the information gleaned should be different and grow as the person does. All of this understanding should lead to the same place for all those on a psi path; implementing the knowledge, and truth of that knowledge into one's everyday life.

Psi is truly wondrous, but it is wasted on those that take the time to learn, or even understand and don't create and live aspects of psi in their lives. When a person truly understands an aspect of psi, and that person has decided to walk a psi path, they must take their understanding and apply it to their own everyday life. Psi paths simply are not meant to be learned, they are meant to be lived. Only those that correctly walk a psi path will see they grow healthfully forward, and have the benefits and burdens of psi abilities.

A person looking at a psi path is really deciding on a huge life change that requires heaps of dedication and time to fully reap the rewards. If nothing else sticks, do not take the decision to enter a psi path lightly.