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Psi and You: You're Doing It Right Now
by Kruel

You've probably heard before that walking the psi way is a pretty serious commitment, and that it will take a lot of effort and blah blah blah. I don't necessarily disagree with that statement, but I don't see it being different than taking any other commitment, a life altering commitment, but a commitment nonetheless.

In this article I'd like to demystify some of psi and throw some spins to some other ideas. These are my personal opinions and that's all I have to say about it.

I do agree with the fact that Psi is something people are born with, I don't agree with the fact that some people say that only SOME people are born with these skills. Psi is in everyone, but just what the hell is "psi". Some define it as psychic abilities, some call it ESP, and some call it the sixth sense. I think it's not only an extra sense, but a whole extra system, you may call it aura, mana, chi, life force, soul, nomenclatures are irrelevant, it's hard to define it though, possibly why it has several names, I believe it's a mix between your conscience, instincts, and overall balance. Psi is everything and nothing at the same time. It's being in the "zone" when you're listening to music, time slowing down when you're playing a sport, you speaking at the same time as your friend, or just looking at someone's eyes and knowing exactly what they're thinking.

I believe everyone's had at least one of the experiences listed above. This "zone" is a common thread in any profession, from the artist in the canvas, to the chef in the kitchen, to the sniper on the roof. When you're at that point I believe is when you truly feel what psi is. You're one with yourself; you're in perfect balance and harmony with the world around you. The Telekinesis and Mind reading and all the fancy abilities aren’t what psi is all about, at least not for me, for me it's about that moment, being in that moment of peace and holding that moment for as long as you possibly can. Think of all the “masters", Buddha, Jesus, Yoda, Confucius, etc etc, they all share that same peace and clarity of mind, and I believe that's what everyone should be striving for. You must stop fooling yourself thinking you're too busy, or thinking you have more to do than relax, if you're taking the time to read this you have the time to relax and get yourself together. Just lay back right now on your chair, close your eyes, and feel your circulation flowing, lay there for about 2-3 minutes not thinking of what you have to do, but enjoying that time by yourself. I trust you that if you do that often your productivity will increase, your mind will be clearer and your thoughts sharper. Stress is a made up disease, it's actually not a disease it's a harsh reaction to your environment, so if you learn to relax a LITTLE bit more, you'll see a significant improvement in your overall life quality.