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Beginning with Psi
by Zeus

During your life you have grown, matured, and been exposed to a myriad of beliefs, suggestions and ideas. As you physically grew your body underwent many changes and those changes inevitably led to alterations in how you mentally react to yourself and others. It isn’t just your own changes that have shaped you though as the environment you grew up in also influenced your development. The combination of environment and genetics brought you to your current curiousity about, or involvement with psi. What most people that get to this point don’t often realize is the dramatic impact understanding psi may have on their life. Psi is not simply something to be used and then tossed aside it is a life path; however it will not and should not be allowed to rule your life. Your life is yours alone to live and every choice that you make influences the next moment as well as any future that your life is to have. But I digress, as that understanding comes later, for now let us start at the beginning with an explanation of psi.

Psi (pronounced “sigh”) is anything considered beyond the scope of the five physical senses plus the personal, or life changes necessary to understand those things outside the normal scope of daily life. [I use the term normal to refer to the ability of the majority and not that anything beyond that is unhealthy] Psi may be used to refer to the sixth sense or extrasensory perception (ESP), but may also refer to specific techniques or changes in personal understanding of yourself and your place within the world. If you’re just starting out your journey you’ll want to know that psi is not an energy, nor is it some grand fix-all technique. Psi is simply a word, a Greek letter actually, used to describe the unknown, where the unknown in this instance is that which has not been conclusively proven via the scientific method. That’s right psi is not even proved to exist. So why is their interest in psi if it hasn’t been proven? That’s a question we’ll get to, but before we do you simply need to understand that psi is a term, a word, and nothing more. The word is used to indicate that which is beyond the understanding of the majority and that which is not proved conclusively by science. Psi is something that requires proving to yourself, by your own self through your own research, practice and belief.

Science hasn’t conclusively proven the existence of psi. You cannot, beyond the shadow of a doubt, refer to any one scientific proof to show that psi is there or that it is attainable by anyone. This is the point where people become skeptical regarding psi, and that’s a good thing. You should never cease to question anything that has not been proven. At this point I could launch into an unending essay discussion for and against psi, but instead I will simply use three quick references to science and psi. One of the most commonly found scientific anomalies used to show the existence of psi is that on a micro scale, on the order of electrons, that personal expectation seems to influence direction, location, and/or generalities of the tests. These observations are not proven and cannot be used conclusively to show that psi exists, nor has it been shown that this anomaly works on the macro scale where things like baseballs may be affected. Does this completely disprove the existence of psi then? Not as such since there are no large-scale studies done that completely dismiss the affect of personal expectation on macro objects. This only serves to showcase that psi, or more specifically telekinesis and precognition are not proved through these scientific studies. The next most common scientific run-in you may have is that of Schroedinger’s cat. Via equations the theory goes that without direct observation, which may or may not change the outcome we cannot conclusively state that should a cat be put into a closed box that the cat is actually in the box. Of course you may expect the cat to be in the box while another person may not. Scientists are unable to prove or disprove this theory though because observation affects the outcome. Thus this theory may not be used to prove psi since it cannot itself be proven. And the last scientific study that I would like to showcase is that of the remote viewing trials of the United States military. Papers released by the head scientists show promise that the tests conclude some form of ability; however many other scientists have poked holes in the methods used which renders the released information useless. This means, of course, that we are unable to use this information to tell us anything conclusive about the existence of psi. These three examples are only a brief glimpse at the sea of scientific and pseudo-scientific studies/papers available for examination and your research should reveal there are just as many quoted scientific methods for psi as there are against psi. In the end all the research proves is that psi is neither completely proved, nor completely disproved. Scientific studies lack the concrete answers that would prove beyond a shadow of a doubt to you that psi exists. In order to further educate yourself regarding the existence, or even the relevance, of psi you may wish to research into the various groups for psi, against psi, and apparently accepting psi.

Almost every major country has some group offering cash prizes to anyone willing, or able to prove the existence of psi under what they regard as scientific method. At this time no one has claimed the top prize, but with most of these groups there are known issues that may make concrete proof impossible. Numerous groups claim to follow scientific method, but instead carefully craft their observations to make success impossible. Other groups have winning clauses so long that your head would spin. The most notable clause, to me, is one where the winner of the top prize must subjugate themselves to the group for at least a year doing shows and appearances throughout the world. Your own research will create opinion of these groups and thus drive your acceptance or denial of psi. With other groups around the world there exists reams of documentation, not necessarily scientific, both for and against the existence of psi. Since the proliferation of the Internet accessing this information has never been easier, so drawing your own conclusion regarding psi will be backed up by, what you consider to be, enough tangible proof. At this point you will have enough information to both decide against psi and walk away, or to continue on the path and discover more.

Moving on past the existence of psi you should begin to figure out what aspects of psi you’re interested in. Whether the total change, certain techniques, self help, or a combination is what you’re seeking on your journey. Once you’ve decided upon what you are seeking you understand why you are seeking psi. It’s important to understand why you’re seeking psi because the reason can have an impact on the success of your journey. In fact the reason for your quest will affect you just as much as whether or not you believe in psi. While any reason allows you to continue learning psi selfish or vindictive motives will create a glass ceiling that will hamper and limit any achievement in psi. Before moving forward though let’s go back to what you hope to accomplish by pursuing psi. Are you into psi to gain media touted abilities like past life regression, psychic readings, and telekinesis or are you looking to take control of your life so that you are able to clearly steer your reality? Perhaps you’re looking for a combination that involves changing your life and gaining so-called psychic abilities too. I won’t say that entering psi to only gain abilities is wrong, but I’m slightly old-fashioned where psi is concerned and personally believe life change which eventually leads to a combination of gaining abilities is the more balanced pursuit of psi. if you’re only into psi for the abilities you’ll want to skip the next section as I’m going to take a moment to speak of life changes discovered on a psi path.

A psi path isn’t about dropping everything in your life and solely focusing on psi. A psi path is not about giving up your previously held beliefs and conceptions. A psi path is taking lessons learned in understanding psi and incorporating them into your already existing life. It is true that you may alter some of your beliefs as you research and learn, but that is not the monk or wizard-like image most of us conjure up when thinking of a life path such as psi. You should understand that you will change as you journey this path. Your ultimate goal after all is to improve yourself. Always keep in mind as you learn that you are the one in control of how you change and whether it is for the better, or worse. A psi path and the changes it brings to you are your successes, or failures and cannot be blamed on anyone else. Above all it is your own responsibility to ensure what you want manifests from your journey. Responsibility is a huge part of the psi path as you control, or learn to control your own reality. This should speak to you right away as important to the reasoning behind your entering into psi.

Should you be entering psi for selfish reasons, of which self-help does not belong, or for vindictive reasons the lack of responsibility regarding balance in your life will limit you. You may run into people that say otherwise, but the lack of responsibility clearly sets a plateau from which you may not progress. As already stated you may be shooting yourself in the foot as much as not believing in psi should you being for incorrect reasons. But let’s say that you are into psi for the correct and balanced reasons and that you do wish to responsibly take control of your life. At this point there is still some necessary research to do before continuing.

The first thing to think about when entering a psi path is whether or not to tell anyone about it. Perhaps you’re one of the lucky few that are pursuing psi with a friend, or group, or that has an open and understanding family. If this is you than revealing your journey will be easy and you will find support for it. If however you’re in the majority you will be having second thoughts about revealing your quest to anyone for fear of persecution. You are reading this in an attempt to understand what psi is and what it means for you, so those around you may not have an understanding of psi either. Not knowing something can create misunderstanding, miscommunication and fear. Generally speaking it is often the fear of not understanding psi that drives other people to shy away or even ridicule it. What’s important is that you truly want to progress with psi and that should motivate how you express what you’re doing.

The second thing is for those that are religious as religion and psi are often thought of as two opposite forces. You will want to approach your religious leader if you’re wondering about a psi path and your religious/spiritual path working together. I have personally spoken with leaders from religions such as Christianity, Catholicism, Judaism, and the Muslim faith and all , after researching the proper psi path, have indicated there is no reason that psi and religion can’t co-exist. Of course with that said each religion does express concerns regarding certain areas of psi, but talking with your religious leader will mark out which areas to steer clear of so as not to go against your faith. To be clear no religion should take issue with your wanting to understand yourself better, better your own life, and take more control of your own reality as this can be shown to deepen your faith and in turn bring you closer to your chosen religion.

The final thought that I would give you before you begin your quest is to trust your instincts, and do not put all your eggs in one basket. What I mean by this is to do only those things in psi that feel right to you. There’s absolutely no reason for you to get into the ritual aspect of psi if you’re not comfortable, nor is there reason to develop psychic abilities if you’re only seeking the personal understanding that accompanies a psi path. What you do with or in psi is your decision and you must be the one to decide whether it is right for you. As for putting all your eggs in one basket I mean that you should look to more than one person, book, organization or group to garner information. Sometimes you may find a teacher in psi that will lead you to many of the ansers you’re seeking, but that one person can take you only so far. Yes, I am personally telling you to seek more than one source in anything you do in psi. The reason I say this is quite simple. I have been actively engaged in psi since the age of twelve and I would never be so ego-driven as to say that I have all the answers. In fact if you meet someone that says they do have all the answers proceed with extreme caution. This of course ties back into following your instinct. You’ll need to find people and groups that you trust that will help you filter the mountains of information available regarding psi. This leads to the next block of entering psi, which is understanding what is worth your time to research and what isn’t.

To find the information to help you on your path you will come across all sorts of books, independent articles and groups. The easiest filter is to see if the information is based on a game, movie, or television show. Sometimes entire books seemingly regarding psi are based on comic characters or even just works of pure fiction (which the author usually notes). I won’t say that all of these types of groups, etc. are bogus as I have found legitimate material hidden in them, but the majority are pure fantasy and do nothing but waste your time. Here is where I tell you that to begin you should seek out some of this type of misleading fantasy material to familiarize yourself with what is presented in it. By understanding what they offer you’re less likely to fall into their traps while doing legitimate research on your journey.

A journey is the correct term for a psi path as you stop allowing your reality to meander where it will and learn to actively steer it to where you want to be. Where you are now is your starting point and where you end up, or even travel towards, is your responsibility. The steps you take on your psi path and ultimately in your life decide what your future holds. Even if you decide that no one knows the future you should be open minded enough to realize that you have free will and are capable of making life decisions for yourself. It is this personal responsibility that drives your psi path more than anything else.