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Part 8 Study Questions
by Charles Haanel

Study Questions with Answers

71. What is the imagination?

    A form of constructive thought. The light by which we penetrate new worlds of thought and experience. The mighty instrument by which every inventor or discoverer opened the way from precedent to experience.

72. What is the result of imagination?

    The cultivation of the imagination leads to the development of the ideal out of which your future will emerge.

73. How may it be cultivated?

    By exercise; it must be supplied with nourishment or it cannot live.

74. How does imagination differ from daydreaming?

    Day dreaming is a form of mental dissipation, while imagination is a form of constructive thought which must precede every constructive action.

75. What are mistakes?

    The result of ignorance.

76. What is knowledge?

    The result of man's ability to think.

77. What is the power with which successful men build?

    Mind is the very moving force with which they secure the persons and circumstances necessary to complete their plans.

78. What pre-determines the result?

    The ideal held steadily in mind attracts the necessary conditions for its fulfillment.

79. What is the result of a keen analytical observation?

    The development of imagination, insight, perception and sagacity.

80. To what do these lead?

    Opulence and harmony.