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How to see your Aura
by Rhyannon

How to see your Aura

This for most will enable you to see your aura in a matter of two minutes or less. What you need for this is a background color that is neutral, for example a plain background. I use an all white, tan, and even black background with regular soft GE lighting. First you should ready your mind and energy by Centering for balance.

Staying relaxed, hold your hand out over the background in a comfortable position.

Relax your focus, Do Not cross your eyes, just relax so you don’t focus on any one particular area on your hand.

Don't worry about blinking, look towards your hand but do not focus directly on it.

Spread your fingers, and look to the left or to the right and “beyond” any finger you choose. Staying relaxed and non-focused on any point.

As you hold your hand out stay in a relaxed pose. With your vision, you should start to see an outline of your hand. It will be a fine clear wavy line about a few hairs width wide.

This is your aura and that is energy, and looks sort of like the heat waves off the pavement in the summer. As you continue to look, you will see a white mist probably around the tips of your finger. That is called the etheric aura in some circles.

As you progress you should start to see it widening and broadening and changing colors.

Congratulations if you did it, if not, stay relaxed and keep trying!