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Healing Migraine Headaches
by GoldBear


For those who suffer from them, migraines are one of life's worst moments. The pain and associated symptoms can be incapacitating. Medical science has yet to fully determine the causes of migraines, and as such, psionic detection of the source can be equally difficult. Some migraines are preceded by an "aura" where tunnel vision develops, or there is numbness in the fingers or other parts of the body. This can be a vital time to act if it is available.

Detect the relative source of the migraine with your senses if possible; I personally lay my hand on the client's head and move around until I find a "hot spot" or a spot that has a large static energy buildup. When you have located it, you can begin to extract the "pain" energy by whichever means is comfortable to you. If you are an experienced healer, draw it out through your hand and channel it down into the ground, making sure none of it stays in you.

If you are not experienced, one can create a "tunnel" of energy from the source and direct that energy into the ground, effectively emptying it from the area. Whichever method you use, be sure to send healing energy to the area and close off the area with an energy "band-aid."

Be sure to have the client seek professional advice with migraines, they could be a symptom of something much more severe. I wish you best of luck in your healing ventures.