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Making the Pieces Fit
by GoldBear

Making the Pieces Fit

Think for a moment, and be honest with yourself. Why have you come to psi, or to the “occult?” Did you come for power, for truth, or for knowledge? Or, did you come to change your life? Most come to gain control of some aspect of their lives, and many leave disappointed when the demands of psi are too great for them. Psi is a life-changing philosophy, and taking it as less than so will not create your desired results. Do not fear – even if you find that you have come for “lesser” reasons, you have all the ability you need to expand your possibilities and change the entirety of your life, as opposed to a single element.

I find it common for beginners to choose one of two directions when beginning a psi path. Some will enter, feeling unworthy, or unable, and will linger upon their self-doubt while attempting to integrate these new mindsets into their lives. They have a small voice in their heads telling them they are worthless, or not worthy of having a better life. The other sort will believe they are already highly advanced and capable, (which in and of itself is not a bad thing, for confidence is a great attribute) and they will breeze through the process of relearning thought patterns. When the first challenge to these new patterns arrives, they are quick to abandon them, and regress to old “comfort zones.” Both paths are flawed in one way, and that is the misunderstanding of what exactly is necessary to change one’s life. Once again, there is no need for despair – when you begin to change your thought patterns the slightest bit, it creates a chain reaction in your life that changes you forever. When enough understanding is gained, one can return to the lessons of the past, and find new lessons there waiting to be learned. What is paramount is the willingness to stick it out past the “honeymoon” period of psi, where things are mystical and wondrous. As with people, when all outer attractiveness is set aside, one can truly judge the inner beauty of psi without bias as well.

As you progress through your psi path, do not worry about how you fare in comparison to others. Your experience in this world is unique, and you must not weigh down your progress in constant evaluation and comparison against illusionary expectations of how things “should be.” Things are as they are at this moment for a reason. Not due to a predetermined set of circumstances, but due to the total of your life events and your perceptions of them. The best advice I can offer you is to take serious time to contemplate and understand even the most seemingly trivial elements of your life and psi path. After all, nothing worth doing happens overnight.