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Principles of Subconscious Communication
by ChezNips

I could talk about the benefits of subconscious communication for hours and hours but that information won't do you any good unless you know the how-to of contacting the subconscious mind. There are actually several ways of getting your message across to the subconscious explained below.

The first method is repetition. A new habit is formed in 21 days and with repetition, you can form a new pattern too. This is also how affirmations work, you keep repeating them over and over until they take hold in a sense. Take learning to drive for example. At first you have to manually go over all the little things that it takes to drive. Knowing the rules of the road, correcting your steering, looking in the rear view mirror, signaling to turn, watching the other autos on the road. When you first start, you are very conscious of all these actions and probably with a bit of nervousness and anxiety because you have no or little experience to draw from. As you continue to practice you are gaining experience. Soon you start to drive without the nervousness or anxiety and you also start to preform the little tasks without being conscious of it and they become automatic to the point where you can tune the car radio, talk to friends and other things.

The next method is identification with a group or parent. This method is very similar to that of identification with an authority figure. Its subconscious programming by identifying with certain people that hold an esteemed position with you such as a doctor or even political persuasion. If you've ever heard the phrase "you're just like your father" you may have subconsciously taken up certain behavorial patters. This method is also how cult leaders are so successful in gaining numbers amongst their ranks because some have deeply identified with the authority figure. Another example would be cultural persuasion. What about those that act "typical" for their culture. This can be found for almost every culture there is. Think about how african american, italian, hispanic, even caucasion people such as germans, french, american, english, jewish are different from one another and how each culture has differences and that the negative points of those cultures are often stereotyped. This, of course is only an example and not limited to just cultures but also to other groups of people such as someone acting "typically" homosexual or new agy or nerdish or slutty, etc.

Intense emotion is another instance where things are easily impressed upon the subconscious mind. What happens is that when you are in a high emotional state, the conscious mind is inhibited and any idea can be presented as being true and will stick. Have you ever gotten sick on a certain food and now exery time you see or smell or hear about that food, you recall the event of getting sick so that the food is now one that you avoid at all costs and refuse to ever eat again? How about an instance where you were very frightened? Think about a small child being confronted with a fiercly growly dog baring its teeth in an agressive manner. This child will have a high likelihood of being afraid of dogs for the rest of their life. Rationally we know that not all dogs are dangerous but the highly traumatic event for that young child has cemented or scarred their memory against dogs until that subconscious belief can be replaced with a different belief.

The last way and the quickest, most effective way, in my opinion, is hypnosis and this includes self-hypnosis. This is the means of using an altered state to directly "suggest" an idea to the mind. Since the subconscious mind has no power on its own to tell the difference between a true or false idea, you can suggest an idea directly to the subconscious mind and its immediately acted on as if that idea is true. We've all seen the shows where people are hypnotised to do various things. Men are told they are women and immediately they begin to take on the behavior of a woman with certain femenine gestures, body posture, makeing a falsetto voice, even dressing as they believe they are now a woman. Are they really women? No, of course not but the mind acts as if the suggestion is true and executes it as so. The same happens when a person is suggested that they are itchy, cold, sleepy, happy, etc. In this same manner of going into an altered state, you can learn to hypnotize yourself and correct bad programming and to impliment new positive programming to benefit you by suggesting new positive patterns.