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2 Parts of the Mind
by ChezNips

Although you possess only one mind, this mind has 2 very different aspects. Each aspect has separate and distinct characteristics and properties. These are known as the objective and subjective minds. Other common names for them are the conscious and subconscious, the male and female, the awake and asleep, the voluntary and involuntary minds to name just a few. I will refer to them from here on as the conscious and subconscious minds.

We are most aquainted with the conscious mind as thats what we use to think, reason and compare, This is the part of our mind that uses logic and judgement. For this reason, the conscious mind is the dominant area of our mind during our awakening hours.

The subconscious mind is the part of us that that never sleeps or rests. Even when we are asleep, the subconscious is busily plugging away controlling our heart beat, making sure we continue to breath, directing the digestion process and other bodily functions and it communicates to us in our sleep in the form of dreams amongst many other functions. The subconscious mind is the sum total of all of our thoughts, ideas, experiences, all data input from all of our senses, all of our memories and emotions. It is the part of us that not only controls autonomic functions of the bodily processes but also directs our energy where we ask it to direct. The problem there lies in that most people let the subconscious mind control them like a run away train insted of having control over the subconscious mind as its ment to be.

One of the best analogies I've learned and encountered many times in various forms of teachings on the mind is to look at the mind as a garden and yourself as a gardener. You plant seeds of thought deep into the dark rich soil of the subconscious mind. The conscious mind is the part of the seeds that we see break thru the surface and bloom but what we dont see, what happens in the soil where the thoughts are germinated and start to grow is the subconscious mind. Like any other garden, it can grow both good and bad things, it can grow produce or blossoms or it can grow uncontrollable weeds if you aren't maintaining it. The garden itself doesnt discriminate between the two seeds and neither can the subconscious, it just grows what ever is sown.

An important factor to remember is that our internal world, our thoughts, ideas and beliefs all shape our external world. If you think good thoughts and focus on positive, then you create positive and manifest positive. If you entertain negative thoughts, you create negative and manifest negative in your life. Everything you find in your world of expression has been created by your mind either consciously or unconsciously.

In order to change external conditions, it is imperative to change the cause or the thinking patterns. Zeus's tutorials often focus on this concept and he refers to them as paradigm shifts. We have great power over ourselves when we decide to be the master and driver of the train. In learning how to access the subconscious mind, you can learn to be in control of your life and learn to make nature work with you towards your goals. We are capable of so much more then we give ourselves credit for once we start to awaken the possibilities and take the reins. Once you break the surface of the consciousness and find what lies underneath, you can learn to work with that part of you to root out problems and things you dislike to fix them.

Just think of it, the subconscious mind has the ability to maintain perfect health and by asking it, you can accelerate healing. Its been recorded that patients with terminal cancer that have used methods of hypnosis and biofeed back learn to become pain free and in many cases can miracuously beat cancer where other means have failed. By working with the subconscious we can learn to communicate withourselves in dreams, have a picture perfect memory and accelerated learning. The neatest side effect, in my humble opinion, is that people working with their subconscious mind thru many various methods discover increased psychic abilities as a side benefit! This leads me to believe that self-mastery is *the* key to learing what we are all striving to learn- not only control of ourselves but our surroundings that extend into the psychic/paranormal realm.

Let me add a personal note that I used to read self help books about positive thinking and thought they were crap. I thought that thinking couldnt possibly manifest certain things and that thinking positively was not the answer, that it was too cheesy and rediculous only because I didn't understand the process. Once I started to study this area and learned how the mind works, the jigsaw puzzle pieces began to fit in so many ways! If you also think that positive thinking is garbage, then you should ask yourself why you are here, what can you gain from learning how the mind works. If you would change your beliefs, for thats why you react that way, then maybe you can change external circumstances in your life.

The title of this article is the "2 parts of the mind" but I want to place a disclaimer that I do not believe there are only 2 parts of the mind, only that I will be working with 2 parts, the conscious and subconscious mind. I will leave working with the superconscious or higher self to a later date. And in all actuality, working with the subconscious mind leads to development of the higher/superconscious mind as you will learn to access that part of yourself only by learning to place the conscious mind in a suspended state to allow access to the deeper realms of ourselves. It's hard to contain my excitement about sharing this information with you and hope to take this opportunity to congradulate you on your quest to know more and work towards a phenomenal goal, that of knowing thy self.

Although we have free will to do anything we want to do, the basis of our decisions is in direct relation to the strength of our desires. What does this mean? Our subconscious desire will always outweight the conscious one. To some people, this statement will make little sense because we are told that the subconscious has no reasoning power so how can it outweight a conscious desire? The subconscious has little to no reasoning power but it will always do what its programmed to do and thats how it over rides the conscious desire every time.

Let me give you an example to put this concept into play. Lets take someone that consciously makes the decision to stop smoking for what ever reason. Consciously they may decide that smoking is too expensive, is bad for their health, its a bad habit they want gone. What happens is that the will power to smoke may work for a short time, the desire to smoke will overpower the conscious decision to stop. Until the subconscious and conscious minds are in agreement, the subconscious mind will continue to dominate and overpower the conscious decision. When a person decides they will give in to the subconscious desires in the form of cravings, what they do is establish that subconscious desire even more strongly and the subconscious mind will start to invalidate the conscious decision to quit all together. The smoker may decide its ok to smoke one cigarette and then quit again but this weakens the conscious will power and the subconscious programming will again take root faster and stronger then before to overpower the conscious decision and you end up with a tug-o-war that loops with the subconscious winning over and over. Only when the conscious mind and subconscious mind are in agreement, will the subconscious mind lend its full force and energy to the goal and if not, the subconscious programming will always controll that person. As in our example, a person is not only fighting an ingrained habit but also the causes of it as nicotine cravings which is regulated by the mind.

For the smoker to change the subconscious, they have to change the programming of the subconscious. Our subconscious acts the way its been programmed to act just like a computer and for most of us, this programming occurs before we are old enough to discriminate between the constructive or the destructive. Take a young child, for instance, who is told by its irritated mother something like "Whats wrong with you! Can't you do anything right?" This child, later on in life might strongly believe that they are a failure and create that circumstance or series of circumstances just by the programmed belief that they are a failure. Since the child's conscious mind was not yet fully developed to censor this "suggestion" that they can't do anything right, his subconscious accepts the idea and the belief is established. The subconscious cannot discern right or wrong so it accepts any idea allowed to enter into its system as absolute truth. This idea then becomes a part of the person's belief system and behavior as a result of the belief system.

The tricky part of the equasion comes when your conscious mind changes its opinion on a belief after its become a part of the subconscious because the subconscious will not change with the new conscious opinion change. The 2 parts of the mind will be in conflict and the subconscious opinion will be the dominant one that will continue to dictate our desires and reactional behavior until the programming has been changed.

Since the subconscious is the driving force and we do anything our subconscious believes and the subconscious believes anything its told as truth, we can reprogram it if we bypass the conscious mind and substitute a new constructive idea in the place of the old destructive belief. Once this is done, the must be maintained until it becomes a deeply rooted habit of thought like the old belief.