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Brain Training
by ChezNips

To begin with, I'd like to say I am not a professional scientist, psychotherapist, or hypnotherapist. I am just like you, seeking answers and following seeds of wizdom. Many years ago I tried everything to help me accomplish a good many things- loosing weight, improved memory, brain power, and astral projection with the use of both subliminal tapes and brain wave music that included a guided meditation part. At the time, each project was marginally successful depending on how badly I wanted the goal. That lead me to wonder why. Why is it that this cassette tape or CD that I play while I am relaxed opened up doors that I could not open before. It wasn't for several more years that I understood with the introduction to Huna and the explainations of the low, middle and high self. Max Freedom Long and his work with Jose Silva of the Silva Mind Control Method and hundreds of web pages far too numberous to list have supplied the massive resources that I draw from to give you just a bit of what I have learned. Be warned that I will repeat several points often so that you have these ideas impressed upon your mind and hopefully understanding.

Quantum Mechanics

Let me explain that consciousness studies fall under the category of quantum mechanics. A man named Robert Penrose figured out that science could not explain what consciousness was. In consciousness, your brain wave is the same whether you lift your arm or not and this made no sense to him in normal physics. Physics works on the ability to measure where any object is at any given space in time. Say you have a ball that you are holding at shoulder level. With physics, you can meansure a number of things at any moment from heighth, gravity, thickness, force, and so on. Our brains, on the other hand, have the same exact thought the instant before you make the decision whether or not to drop the ball. You are in the same exact state if you drop the ball or don't drop the ball. This mechanism violates normal deterministic physics so it -cannot- explain consciousness. Probability, however, can explain consciousness because either you will drop the ball or you won't. You can calculate the odds based on this. The area of physics that works on the odds of probability is called quantum mechanics in that it can explain the changes that take place. At the time Roger Penrose figured this out, there were no mechanisms in the brain that explained what happens because the nerve cells are so large, but a medical doctor later found that there were little tubes that ran up in the cerebral cortex and between nerve cells and end right under the chemical packet that, when stimulated, create the brain wave. These tubes are so small that they oscillate. When they shake one way, the chemical connectors spread out to block the signal from getting acrosst and prevent a wave. When they shake the other way, they stimulate chemicals to react to make a brain wave.

Consciousness works directly on the probability around you. In Quantum physics, probability is related to the potentials of the energy fields around us. The nerve system works on the electromagnetic potentials and its sensitive microvolts so we have this incredibly sensitive system, that once tuned into, can feel both the energy fields around us and the wave they make. When we learn to calibrate, we can change that potential and see how it changes the "luck" in our environment. This has actually been done for centuries and in many cultures although it wasnt known how is works, just that it did. Science has now caught up with and can explain how you can walk into a room and sense energy, positive or negative, and find states within you and apply your own energy flow to change your environment so the potentials change which in turn change the probability and outcome.

Divisions of the Mind

It is my belief that for you to use the programs and tips the the greatest degree, a general understanding of a little how the brain works, specifically the divisions between the consciousness, subconsciousness and the super consciousness is greatly needed. These are 3 separate and distinct areas that work so closely together, especially the consciousness and subconsciousness, that they are often mistakenly lumped into one category. Once a person starts to treat them separately, changes are much more forthcoming. The conscious self, the part of us that does the active thinking and which has logic makes decisions is the state we are usually in. This is also attached to a specific brain wave called beta. This is referred to as the outer consciousness and oscillates afrom 13-25 cycles per second. The faculties you use in reading this now are only the very tip of hte ice burg.

The mind works together like a factory. The superconscious is the CEO, the head honcho of this corporaton that is your body and mind. The consciousness works as the management of the company. It tells the the subconscious what to do and contains the thinking/logic. The subconscious does all the hard work. Just a few things the subconscious is responsible for are:

    habit and instinct
    all memory retrieval and storage
    runs the body and all autonomic systems
    contains the perfect blueprint of health
    follows directions but if energy field is low, it follows the strongest field. It cannot tell the difference between your command, that of someone else or a spirit.
    can be highly moral depending on the programming. Contains all personal beliefs and environemntal programming such as how you were raised.
    controls all sensory input example: MPD or multiple personalities, one is diabetic, another wears glasses as well as voice differences.
    stores, generates, transmits and distrubutes all energy
    needs repitition as in pavolvian conditioning for long term projects
    uses and responds to symbols and talks to us in dreams with symbolic usage.

The subconscious is often compared to a computer with good reason. What we put in determines how the computer will act. Change the program and the instructions and you get a different function. Just as the computer runs a lot of programs in the background that many of us are not aware of, so does the subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind lies below the level of our conscious awareness and it stores all the information that comes in through our senses. It also houses all our memories, and our emotions. It controls most of our bodily systems like breathing, heart beat, digestion, and eye blinking. It also takes over for us when we are doing repetitive tasks such as walking, driving, typing and sports. This is why you don't really need to think much about these things once you learn them. But do you remember what it was like when you were learning? Every movement was very deliberate--that's because it was your conscious mind doing it. Once the subconscious got the hang of it and took over, everything became much smoother and automatic.

The Vast Subconscious Mind

The subconscious works alot like a computer. Although it might be very fast, is of little use unless it has a program to tell it what to do. The subconscious mind is like that too. All your memories and experiences become your master operating system that directs and controls your life. Your operating system controls your emotions and success patterns in your career and relationships. It actually determines whether you are positive and happy most of time, or depressed and moody at others. Even your habits that you might often feel like a slave to and find difficult to change, are controlled by your subconscious mind. Your subconscious is especially important to you in your career. For instance if you are not making as much money as you think you should, in most cases the reason is that the self-sabotaging and limiting programming in your subconscious is preventing you from having it. Even in school and in relationships, its the negative programming, the fact that you believe yourself not worthy of something and because you believe that, you don't achieve your fullest potential.

Your mind began absorbing input from those around you from the time you were born. You were told what you could do and what you couldn't do. You were told what was right and what was wrong. You were told that little ladies behaves in one way and little gentlemen in another. Your religion may have played a role telling you that certain things were sins. One researcher estimated that by the time children enter school they have been told no" over 40,000 times! All of what you were told and what you experienced as you were growing up formed the image that you had of yourself and the world around you. Because of the emotional energy used at the time of impressing minds with what they can and cannot do, often the most humiliating or bad things are the ones we remember the most vividly. This can often explain relationsships gone bad, because some one has been "burnt" before and out of fear they make bad decisions and assumptions all based on the one highly emotional bad experience.

Ok, with all this junk in our heads, how do we fix it? Generally to change "beliefs" what is required is more information and for this new information to become permanent, you need to have a new experience that validates this information. You cannot just remove the junk and leave an empty space. This will be explained later in the Laws of the Mind. You may find it even easier if you listen to music when impressing the ideas upon the subconscious. The music needs to either helps you to remain in a relaxed state, not the type that gets you fired up and excited. Why? Because in a relaxed state, you start to go into an altered state called alpha brain wave where the subconscious is easier to communicate with and most importantly, the conscious mind is sort of temporarily put on pause so that the will is suspended and will not interfere. The subconscious mind also loves rhythm. Listening to music, for example, is one way to use rhythm. Drumming is one of the proven ways to alter your brain waves and lead you into a trance state. Dance is yet another way to experience the sensations you desire to imprint upon your subconscious throughout your body. One form of dancing you may consider is trance dancing, however depending on your purpose, any kind of dancing will do - as long as while you are dancing your mind is focused upon the idea you desire to impress upon your subconscious mind.

Another way to impress ideas on the subconscious mind is with symbolism and metaphors. They work better when you are using them to impress the subconscious mind of another person, where the person's subconscious is to get the appropriate meaning of an idea. The purpose of these metaphors is to by-pass the conscious awareness. Metaphors can be verbal, visual, material and can be expressed in action as in a ritual that often contains all the above mentioned metaphor/symbols. For instance, lets use the idea of a ritual. In the ritual words are spoken to represent what it is we want, often symbols are used, as well as tools and robes (physical metaphors for a particular mindset).

Subconscious mind is highly global in nature. One way this is expressed is that the subconscious sees everything as happening -NOW-. To successfully imprint ideas upon the subconscious, you must experience them as if they are happening -NOW-. You might recall an experience from the past but if you relive it to its fullest and following the feelings associated with the memory, you start to relive the emotional experience from the past and it has become a NOW experience. You may have some future event you are anticipating but the only way to truely live it is to find yourself progressed in the future moment. Another way the subconscious mind expresses its global nature is by not differentiating between what you perceive as happening only in your mind and what you perceive as being outside of you as in real. Its all the same to your subconscious. For your subconscious, the "reality" is determined by your feelings. In the same way, your subconscious mind also can not differentiate between how you see yourself and how you see others. In the Huna teachings, it is taught that the subconscious mind idenitifies itself with how you treat others. In this case, healing another or caring for another allows your own subconscious mind to do the same actions for yourself but this can work in reverse as well.