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Dream Interpretation by Example
by Zeus


Dreams come to you every time that you sleep. Whether they are the vivid, sometimes jaw-dropping dreams of Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep, or the more mundane dreams of other sleep phases each dream may be interpreted to bring clarity to your waking life. Questions and concerns to name only two issues plaguing each of us may be showcased with startling realism during dream sessions where you awake understanding exactly what must be done. Garnering enough experience to correctly interpret your dreams does take some time; however the time spent is rewarded ten-fold with the understanding you get back. In order to provide a little more guidance with dream interpretation I’ve put together some example dreams with interpretations for you to follow along with. Use the interpretations presented to help yourself in making sense of your own dreams.

Example Dream and Interpretation #1

Though quite old this dream showcases many differing aspects that may arise in your own dreams, which is why it is included here.

Driving my car I park on the right side of a cul-de-sac that is encompassed by metal vehicle safety barriers. Looking out from the car and seeing past the barriers reveals a steeply sloping hillside covered in trees that ends at a harbor. The red and white striped lighthouse is clearly visible at the end of the concrete pier as is the lake beyond.

Conscious sense of self is stagnating and requires an overhaul as showcased by the vehicle and cul-de-sac location. In dreaming of the harbour and especially the lake there is a transition from the conscious to the spiritual state with the lighthouse as the anchor between the practical and the more spiritual aspects of the self.

Getting out of the car I realize that the entire point of this excursion is to retrieve my hat from a house just back and to the right of where I parked the car. The image, as if remembering the hat, is of a white baseball cap. There was a great feeling of fondness for this particular hat that I was to retrieve.

A hat in this case represents spirituality and wisdom and the white colour of this hat solidifies it as such. As indicated this search for spiritual wisdom is the underlying theme of the entire dream.

The hat was in this house which was built in a depression or more rightly down the hillside somewhat. The house had a very box-like, angular construction with lots of reflective glass and blue steel. It looked new. To reach the house you either had to cross a bridge to the front door, or climb down a retaining wall and enter through a sliding glass door in what looked like a courtyard. The windows surrounding the courtyard and the sliding door itself were regular glass and not reflective. The owner was not home.

A house represents your soul and self. In being a new home there is a transition or movement to a new paradigm in life which is evident in the owner not being home since you had not yet moved in. This being a new sense of self is evident in needing to cross a bridge to make the transition from old to new. Being made of reflective material the house portrays the public persona of your new self and the fact that another person must either enter the home before understanding it, or be invited to the more personal level and safety of the courtyard to see what really is beyond the public exterior.

I’m suddenly inside the house and on a landing with stairs that lead down to the house. Apparently the only thing at street level is the front entrance with everything else being downstairs. After descending the stairs I begin to look around for my hat. I distinctly remember the house being fully furnished and extremely clean. I searched through the living room, kitchen, and bedroom before going down a hallway to what seemed to be the dining room except there was a decorative fountain in the middle of the table that was splashing blood instead of water.

The landing is a sense of security and descending the stairs represents getting into the hidden or even suppressed aspects of the self. Searching through the entire house represents exploring the soul. The fountain of blood on the table, or alter represents the flow of consciousness, life and knowledge in a means that necessitates it be shared publicly with people already within the confines of your own security.

At this point in the dream a friend shows up and says that we need to leave immediately to a destination that I cannot recall, but that required the use of the car. A strong sense of fear and dread begins to overcome me and I grab my hat, the one I was searching for and we ran out the back sliding door to the courtyard and scaled the retaining wall to the road. We couldn’t go out through the front door for fear of being caught. Once in the car we turned around but became stuck on a patch of ice that only allowed us to swerve but not move forward. After turning the defroster to its maximum setting the ice on the road melted and we were on our way.

Friends represent aspects of ourselves and this particular friend was a messenger. In leaving quickly by the back door the whole scenario was one that was not meant to be publicly known. A hidden aspect of the self very few actually knew about. Being unable to move the car across the ice initially represents a stuck or old aspect that had not been dealt with; however in discovering how to thaw the ice this aspect no longer held you back and you were able to move about on your own again with the new paradigm of self.