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by Rhyannon

Attaining a higher vibration is a thing rarely mentioned in this group. When we work and succeed to progress our energy, we are in fact doing just that - attaining a higher vibration. We each have our own personal ideas of what this means. For some, it means enlightenment, while to others it is an escape from reality and responsibility. It is a change within our perception of reality. As we progress, we are able to see truth a little easier and we start to understand energy, its vibrations, and importantly ourselves.

Vibrations are measured in movement; the faster something moves in a oscillating fashion the higher vibration it will have, and closer to the speed of light it will become. We have all been instructed that in order to astral travel you must raise the vibrations of your energy or “light body” to leave the physical plane and enter into the astral planes where your energy body is able to traverse the astral freely. The reason we need to raise our vibrations is that the astral levels are vibrating at a higher rate of speed then the physical.

Quoting Star Wars “I felt a great disturbance in the force…….” When working with vibrations on the physical level (for something such as healing), I find that understanding vibrations is instinctual. I am not aware of many who can look at a person’s aura and tell me the Hertz range they are vibrating in, yet I know many who can hone into these disturbances in vibrations on another person or animal and even plants and they have no clue what they are instinctively doing; they just sense that something is wrong and they know what it is. We use visualization and/or empathy to do this, and the information we receive is actually much broader than is actually realized.

In essence, the psychic is vibrating at different levels of energy, shifting within the physical and astral planes to find the disturbance and is able to pick out and translate this information instinctively. With practice you can hone your skills to better accuracy and higher understanding. This is not just for healing!

On a grander scale, levels and shift changes are what we generally call a vibratory shift in energy, perceptions and understanding. It could go either up or down depending on the circumstances. My goal is to teach control of your energy so you can attain higher vibrations that come along with understanding yourself and the energy world around you.