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Meditation is Natural
by Rhyannon

When people think of the word meditation what comes to mind is some enlightened Buddhist sitting in a silent pose exploring the vastness of his soul and universe. This can seem to be an unattainable state of peace for the normal person who has never meditated before in their life. At least seemingly never had before. What is not normally realized is that even silent reflection on a starry night is in fact meditation. That moment can last a few seconds to a few minutes or longer, when you are experiencing this absorption of yourself into that moment, it is meditation. That is just one example here are a few more:
Have you ever…..
  • Danced till you lost all thoughts of those around you, only knowing the way you feel or becoming one with the person you were dancing with?
  • Sat in a quiet place and started to daydream something so pleasant that all thoughts of where you are actually sitting goes right out of your mind?
  • Been entranced by music (relaxed or energized by the music, or even making a story to go with the song like your own daydream/fantasy video)?
  • Smelled a fragrance that "took" you to a place that you had all but forgotten for even a brief few moments?
  • Exercised your body to a point where all you feel is the relaxing release of pent up tension?
  • Prayed?
  • Sat in a tree and pondered existence?
  • Counted your breaths?
  • Sat on a beach and watched the waves lapping onto the sand?
  • Been in an RPG (role-playing game) were you got so absorbed you became the thing you portrayed?
Just to name a few of the benefits of these brief moments of meditative states they are enhanced creativity, problem solving, intuition, focus and healing.
All these examples are considered meditation. They happen to us naturally, mostly when we least expect it and occasionally (like during school or work) when we least want it to happen. When it happens we shake off the feelings and continue on our daily activities. The only difference between these things and what is considered "normal" meditation is they spontaneously occur and we consciously direct "normal" meditation.
Emptying the mind of thoughts is something that I do not believe is possible (at least I do not see the benefit of it having never needed to achieve it for a wonderful meditation). More on emptying the mind later. In my experience I have noticed people casting aside the art of meditation believing it is to hard to do or their ideals about meditation become so far out of reach or mistaken they believe that it will take years of practice and too much time sitting to achieve it. Thinking it is too hard, I believe is a misnomer. I intend to give you tips on mindset and meditations in order to achieve these states with total awareness and clarity. First we must learn what meditations are, what they do and their place in PSI.