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Psychic Readings: A Rambling
by Zeus

History has seen it's fair share of psychic frauds.  People that prey on the disadvantaged and vulnerable.  From the likes of Mina Crandon to the more recent Miss Cleo psychic readings have not been favourably showcased in the last couple of centuries.  Psychic readers and their readings haven't always been held in disdain; there was a time where the accurate reader was held in very high regard.  Before the opportunist and fraudsters looking to make a quick dollar appeared the psychic reader ruled as the guiding person in most lives.  So, what happened to the psychic reader and the art of psychic readings?  Both are still around though the legitimate readers are more difficult to find.  Generally speaking the good readers keep low profiles and only sally forth for a select few or when highly motivated by something they've seen.

A good reader is one that is above all accurate.  Though they may have the personality of a wet mop the reader's accuracy is the deciding factor in their effectiveness as a psychic reader.  Though there is no hard and fast rule regarding what constitutes a psychic I've often found that people with at least an eighty percent success rate were capable enough over several trials to constitute good psychic readers.  Though not universal I've often used a control correct number of sixty percent in yes or no questions as the median mark.  This means that most people given ten yes or no questions will get up to six correct and psychic readers will consistently get eight or more correct.

Interestingly enough you can train yourself to become more accurate given some time.  Psychic readings come in many different forms, but all portray information regarding a subject.  When people speak of readings they're usually referring to either a reading via an object such as cards, runes, or leaves or the psychic ability of precognition.  For ease of explanation and because of absolute space limitations I'll keep this psychic reading information to precognition and related energy reading abilities.

The actual psychic reading consists of many different steps and utilizes numerous psychic techniques to create the desired characteristic outcome.  A reading may be done in person or remotely as is practiced and desired by the psychic.  Both distances require the same reading steps; however an in person reading does allow for added information using the five normal senses.  One must be careful that in person readings do not end up as cold readings, which use only questions and answers coupled with five sense reaction to create a relatively accurate guesstimation of another person's here and now.

The true psychic reading requires little to no interaction with the person being read.  Some psychics may start with a request for a name and birthdate as a means to hone in on the individual they are reading but this isn't always necessary.  As long as the psychic is able to energetically see the intended reading recipient or connect with then the reading may proceed.

A reading begins with the broadcasts of the intended readee (person being read).  Broadcast thoughts give the reader immediate present tense emotions and thoughts of the readee.  Depending on the skill of the psychic reader the reader may also receive any questioned specifics that the readee may be looking to have answered.   Following  the broadcast phase the reader will move into looking over the readee's waste energy, or aura.  The aura will show the readee's current energetic state as well as any obvious areas of issue in the readee's body.  Though the aura can be masked a person requesting a reading isn't likely to do this unless they purposely wish to mislead the reader.  The reader can usually figure out the masking as they move onto the subsequent steps of the reading.  From looking at discarded aural energy the reader moves on to empathic connections to better understand the readee on a lower level.  The connection step may be skipped if general information readings are all that is required.  While in empathic connection the psychic reader may enter in to whichever level of connection is necessary to receive the information requested or pertinent to the occasion.  During the empathic phase of a reading the psychic reader may shift back and forth to broadcast energies and auras to ensure they stay on an accurate track.

The first steps to a psychic reading session simplified are broadcasts, auras, and empathy.. Though these steps aren't usually showcased in modern readings they are the framework for accurate information.  Of course the question becomes, how does one grade the accuracy of a reading?  It's a legitimate question and one that can only be answered by the person receiving the reading.  From my perspective any reading that includes specific information about a person's life that the reader would be hard pressed to guess accurately is a good one, or at least provably accurate.  But, hold on - isn't precognition about the future.  Yes, it is and that's the next step of a psychic reading.  While having past and present information is wonderful for aligning a reading accurately it is often the unknown aspects of the future that are sought after.  Knowing before it happens has long been the reason for psychic readings.  Unfortunately as soon as the psychic reading moves into the future it not only isn't easily provable but it becomes ultimately controversial.

Psychic readings that predict into the future are only proven if the foreseen circumstance comes to pass.  This waiting issue must hold until either the event does or does not come to pass.  For this reason a reader should attempt to create a calculable timeline for any predicted events.  The entire issue of the future opens the most controversial issue surrounding psychic readings.  Does the future exist as a tangibly understandable system that can be read?

Does the future exist?  Unfortunately this is a philosophical question that's been debated, but not concretely answered by scientific method.  Does that leave us dead in the water?  No.  What we do is take a stance and explain the situation from that viewpoint.  In doing this method of explanation we are able to leave a large enough window of plausible denial not to upset the accepted balances of reality.

To answer the original question of whether the future exists we actually have to answer it in several steps and quantify it slightly.  The stance taken within this writing and indeed within Pure Energy Psi is that yes the future must exist.  Of course this isn't really a stretch for most of us since the next breath, the next second, is the future and it exists to attain just like clothing to buy, or sports records to break.  From this point we quantify the question slightly and ask whether the future exists as a set tangible thing that simply unfolds without change.  Pure Energy Psi answers this quantified question simply with yes and no.  What?

The future exists as a tangible thing to be achieved, but only certain aspects of the future are solid and unchanging.  These unchanging aspects of the future are named guideposts in Pure Energy Psi.  Does this quantify the original question at all? Yes.  We now have a future that exists as a tangible thing with unalterable aspects along it.  This means then that an individual's future and therefor life is already spoken for and there is no reason for them to even think they can do anything about it?  Not at all.  Every individual possesses free will and this is the most important aspect of the future.  Any individual may choose their future simply by making choices.

Wait ... What?!

Most people automatically assume that the future is linear; however it isn't linear until it is tread in a linear pattern.  While it is true that aspects may be linear-like in nature an individual may traverse the linearly available guideposts however they wish to and within availability in whichever order presents itself within their choices.  The previous few sentences usually bring about questions regarding linearly available guideposts.  What exactly are they?

The easiest idea of linearly available guideposts is to think of it like a set of stairs.  The stair step is not available until the step before it has been obtained.  In most instances the individual can't even see the next step until the step before has been properly attained.  In fact some steps don't become visible until other supporting steps, or levels are attained.  This is the nature of guideposts.  Don't be confused by guideposts though since they don't necessarily have to be obtained at all during life and the initial levels presented usually have no truly set pattern.

How the future unfolds is entirely up to you and your interactions within reality.

So, what constitutes a guidepost?  Most people will never know.  The only characteristics of them are that they exist in several probably futures and constitute solid energies in an unwavering and constant state.  Guideposts are also reversely obvious as such after they've been achieved in some situations. 

Bringing back the original question of whether the future exists we end up with an answer of - Yes, the future exists as a tangible thing with levels that are achievable via free will at the desire of the individual.  The psychic reading is actually just the most probably outcome based on the current energies.  Psychic readings are most often accurate to six months but can be situationally accurate out several years or decades.  When doing readings the lead up is important is establishing the connections necessary for an accurate reading.

Your future, your present, your past are all available to the psychic reading as long as you are open and honest with the energies and the reader.  As the reader your accuracy depends on the other person.  Be truthful in your readings.