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by Zeus

Material objects move all the time.  Science shows that if sufficient force is applied to an object to overcome all counter-acting forces then the object will begin to move or alter its already projected path of motion.  The force applied to the object may be physical or non-physical as long as it is sufficient.

Telekinetics is the art of moving objects through psychokinetic means.  Moving or changing the motion of already moving objects by using mind intents is telekinesis.  The act of moving objects via telekinesis only begins with the mind and actually branches into many subcategories and techniques.  What is important to note it that the mind is only the catalyst and controller of the technique; it does nothing on its own.

Moving a stationary object requires a force be placed on the object that counteracts the forces that keep it stationary.  Telekinesis achieves this by either manipulating the energies that are acting on the object, or affecting the energies of the object itself.  Getting outside energies to act upon an object is the usual tact of the art, because it is easier and less likely to be detrimental to the object. 

The beginnings of telekinesis are quite natural to those that understand psi.  In an optimized mindset gained after the basic techniques the individual identifies the object to move from a stationary position and the forces already acting on it.  If the object in question is a straw sitting on a smooth, level surface then the major forces keeping it stationary are gravity and friction.  moving the straw by physical means is quite easy since blowing on the straw will overcome the forces of friction.  Moving the straw via the mind is slightly more involved since outside energies must be used against the straw.

The intent of the move is to have external energy push on the straw enough to overcome the friction resisting your pushing force.  From within your Psi Control Centre (PCC) create your Power Triangle (triangle) through knowing that you will be moving the straw and understanding that by applying external energy (force) against the straw you'll be overcoming the forces holding it in place.  This will complete the triangle and you'll have the energy to push the straw with your intent.  Remember not to stretch out your hand, or anything physical as this is a purely energetic exercise and the physical gestures are considered a bad habit.  When creating the triangle often people will close their eyes and then open them to focus on the straw and think, "Roll" or "Push".  That should be all it takes to begin the movement of your straw.  Should the straw fail to move do not hyper-focus.  Instead close your eyes and work through your triangle again.  When you get the straw to roll lock in the feeling, because that is the feeling you will always achieve when doing telekinesis.

An alternate to pushing the straw is to reduce the frictional force, which will allow natural forces of air currents to move the straw and keep it moving.

These methods of telekinesis will work for whatever you're wish to move.  Whether you're looking to open or close doors, or move other objects the ability always starts with the triangle and energy.